Why do we have to review the District Plan?

The Resource Management Act (1991) tells us we have to review the plan:

A local authority is required to commence a full review of a plan not later than 10 years after the plan became operative (s79)

In the case of QLDC this means that we need to review the parts of the plan that have been operative for 10 years - we made our first parts operative in 2003.

What can be achieved

What's the Process?                       

How do I get involved?

The District Plan will play a vital role in shaping the Queenstown Lakes District.  If you are interested in how your District will be shaped in the future, get involved in the process and provide feedback to the Council.

See the link on the right to keep up to date with the process.


Further reading

Keep up to date

If you would like to be kept informed about consultation relating to the District Plan review, please email Ruth Joiner ruthj@qldc.govt.nz to be added to our email notification database.