Community Outcomes

The Community Outcomes were the result of a 2 year community workshop process between 2002-2004. The outcomes represent the things that are important to our communities and helps guide Council decision making.


The Council regularly monitors its progress towards achieving the community outcomes. The latest monitoring report was produced in January 2009.

>> Community Outcomes Monitoring Report 2009 (pdf 1.72mb)


Your community outcomes are:

Sustainable Growth Management icon  Sustainable growth management

Quality landscapes icon Quality landscapes and natural environment and enhanced public access.

Safe and healthy community icon A safe and healthy community that is strong, diverse and inclusive for people of all age groups and incomes.

Effective and efficient infrastructure Effective and efficient infrastructure* that meets the needs of growth.

High quality urban environments icon High quality urban environments respectful of the character of individual communities

Strong and diverse economy icon A strong and diverse economy

Celebration of cultural heritage icon Preservation and celebration of the District’s local cultural heritage.

*infrastructure includes network infrastructure, roads, trails, public transport and community facilities.