Organising your Event

Promote Your Event

Event Calendar Criteria

Music Events:

  • Must be open to the public to participate or spectate.
  • Entertainment featuring at bars and restaurants will not be listed as events on this calendar.

Sporting Events:

  • Must be open to the public to participate or spectate.
  • Must be an event of regional significance where spectators are encouraged to attend. You must be expecting to attract 500+ spectators to attend.


  • Your market must reoccur on a regular basis.
  • Garage sales, car-boot sales or anything deemed similar is not considered a ‘market’.

Community Events:

  • Your event must be open for the general public to attend.
  • Your event must be attempting to attract at least 100+ attendees.

QLDC reserves the right to use their discretion when deciding to list an event on the site. All submissions will be checked and published by the Events Office. This may take three to four working days, so please be aware you won't see your listing appear immediately. Remember to include a website link, image and as much detail as possible.


Event Information 

If you're not sure what you need, please complete our Event Information Form and we would be happy to help you.



Please refer to the Banner and Event Signage Policy under the Arts and Events section.

Please contact a Duty Planner on 03 441 0499 to discuss options and requirements for event signage.


Permission to Film in Queenstown Lakes District

Film Otago Southland is responsible for facilitating and permitting the operations of filming in the Queenstown Lakes District. 

To find out if you require permission to film in the District and to speak with the Film Otago Southland film facilitator, please email or phone 03 450 0531.


Waste Management

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important to venue operators, the audience and sponsors, and should be incorporated into your planning.

You should also consider developing a waste management plan if your event includes high waste content such as leaflet material, food stalls, giveaways, large scale catering or if your event is in an environmentally/culturally sensitive area.

Please view our Zero Waste Events page for more information.