Building Consents

What is a building consent?

Building consent is approval from the Council for building work to be done at a specific site. It ensures that the work is structurally sound, plumbing and drainage is sanitary and that minimum fire standards have been met.

Work carried out without a building consent is illegal and could put people or your property at risk. It could also affect your insurance cover or property sale negotiations.

When do you need a building consent?

Building consent is required for most building work, for example:

  • New buildings and alterations/extensions to existing buildings.
  • Swimming pools – removing an inground pool or installing a swimming/spa/paddling pool with a depth of 400mm or more.  This includes alterations to a swimming pool.
  • Retaining walls, garages and carports.
  • Some decks and fences.
  • Plumbing and drainage work.
  • Heating (including fire places), ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Demolition work.
  • Relocation or change of use of buildings.
  • Replacing a roof with a different material than what is currently there.
  • Locating your hot water cylinder in another position.
  • Some shade sails.
  • Solar panels.

Some work is exempt from needing a building consent. If you are unsure, please contact the duty building officer by phoning 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0024 (Wanaka) or email

Putting Together an Application

We provide forms and checksheets to make the process of putting together an application for building consent as efficient as possible. Then we receive these applications in person, by mail, by email to or for plans and large documents please use our Online Consent Application page to send these directly to us . For a full information sheet (which you can view and print) which describes the building consent process from start to finish download IS 3.1 Building Consent Process. (PDF, 380KB)

  • Processing of Applications

    This is the technical assessment of plans and specifications to enable a consent to be issued. Also provides information on fees and charges.

  • Inspections

    With your approved consent we advise the required inspections to be called for throughout the construction. The following inspections are available:

    Siting / Foundations
    Timber Pile Foundations
    Underslab Plumbing & Drainage
    Pile Sub Floor Connections
    Pre-Slab - Reinforcing, DPC
    Walls - Concrete/Block/Bond Beam
    Waterproof Membrane Ext Wall
    Framing & Bracing – Prewrap
    Pre Cladding/Flashing/Wrap/Batten
    Plumbing Pre-line
    Building Preline/Insulation
    Half High Veneer/Stone
    Post Lining – Pre stop
    Wet Area Membrane
    Deck Membrane
    External Drainage
    Effluent Disposal
    Heating Unit - Insert
    Solar Water Heater
    Swimming Pool Fence
    Final Heater
    Final Residential
    Final Commercial
    Final Garage/Carport & Pergola
    Inspection Recheck
    Inspection Miscellaneous
    Inspection Passive Fire Protection
    CPU Fire Safety

  • Code Compliance Certificates (CCC)

    At the completion of the building process you will require to apply for a CCC. There are required documents and information requirements.

  • Building Consent Initial Fees and Other Charges

    Building Officer hourly rates $145.00
    Administration hourly rates $90.00
    Land Information Memorandums
         - Residential (standard) $200.00
         - Residential (speedy) $315.00
         - Commercial (standard) $305.00
         - Commercial (speedy) $420.00

Project Information Memorandums (PIMS)

A PIM can be produced along with a building consent application and contains relevant information known to Council about the land and the building project proposed, including services available and other legislative authorisations required.

Land Information Memorandums (LIMs)

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a document that provides information held by the Council about a specific property. It is commonly requested in relation to the sale & purchase of a property. There is a 10 day, or a speedy 3 day process available.

IANZ Accreditation 

Queenstown Lakes District Council is an accredited Building Control Authority. We are assessed periodically by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ).