Project Information Memorandums (PIMS)

What is a PIM?

A project information memorandum (PIM) is a report issued by the Council prior to or in conjunction with a building consent. A PIM report provides information known to the Council which is relevant to your building proposal, such as:

  • Authorisations that may be required other than the building consent, what you need to do to get that authorisation and what effect they may have on the design. Typical authorisations include:
    • resource consent if the proposal does not comply with the District Plan
    • service connections (i.e. water, sewer, stormwater)
    • food hygiene licences
    • liquor licences
    • Historic Places Trust
    • evacuation scheme for fire safety
    • Clean air requirements for Fireplaces
  • There are various other authorisations that may apply, some of which will affect the design and some of which will affect the use of the building.
    • Existing drainage for the site.
    • Land information for the site that is known by the Council, with an indication of what you should do about this - Particularly relating to a range of natural hazards which may affect the property or building
  • A "Certificate Attached to Project Information Memorandum" will be attached if necessary. which must also be attached to the building consent and will restrict work if a resource consent is also required. This is generally printed on red paper.
  • A "Development Contribution Notice" will be attached if necessary, which also must be attached to the building consent and indicates what financial contributions will be worked out and will be required to be paid. This is generally printed on green paper.

If you are proposing to undertake any building work you should obtain a PIM. For projects on difficult sites or larger projects such as new commercial or industrial buildings, a PIM may prove very useful in establishing the feasibility and design of your project. It may prevent delays and reduce costs in the design of your proposal before getting to the building consent stage. A PIM is no longer mandatory as of February 1, 2010.

Please note: no building work is to be commenced until your building consent has been issued.

There is a statutory maximum timeframe of 20 working days for the production of a PIM.