Notified Resource Consents and Hearings


Submissions must be received before the submission closing date. If you would like to make a submission, you can use the submission forms below:

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Applications Currently Being Publicly Notified

R And A Hill Family Trust (RM170891) - submissions close 13 November 2017

Resource Consent is sought for Subdivision consent to cancel the amalgamation of Lot 2 DP 347767 and Lot 2 DP 396476 and land use resource consent to identify a new building platform on Lot 2 DP 347767. Subdivision consent is also sought to subdivide Lot 2 DP 396476 into two lots, and to identify a new building platform, and variation of consent notice condition n of Consent Notice 8511686.3 pertaining to no further subdivision of this Lot.

Frankton Trading Trustee Company Limited (RM170931) - submissions close 18 October 2017

Resource Consent is sought to construct and operate a 131 room hotel and two residential apartments, a restaurant, conference rooms with associated sale of liquor, signage, works within the dripline of a protected tree and earthworks.  The proposed building is five storeys high and includes below ground level parking and is located on the site of Heritage tree #152 under the Operative District Plan, a Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum.

Gibbston Vines Limited (RM170201) - submissions close 18 October 2017

Resource consent is sought for Subdivision and land use consent to undertake an eight lot subdivision with associated earthworks and landscaping, to be undertaken in stages, and the establishment of eight residential building platforms, one of which will be larger than 1000m2. The proposal also triggers a discretionary activity under the NES for contaminated soil over proposed Lot 2 and 4.


Limited Notified Resource Consent Applications

Section 95B of the Resource Management Act 1991, and Section 29 of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, provides that only parties served with Limited Notifications are permitted to make a formal submission.


Marina Terrace 2015 LP (RM170829) - submissions close 10 November 2017

Resource consent is sought to breach noise standards during the construction of 44 residential/visitor accommodation units, and to delete condition 5 of RM140404 in relation to noise from construction at 65-95 Lakeside Road and 11 Tramore Street, Wanaka

J & N MacKay (RM170631) - submissions close 9 November 2017 

Resource Consent is sought to undertake earthworks and construct a retaining wall within a boundary setback at 8 St Marks Lane, Queenstown.

Lakes Edge Developments Limited (RM170437) - submissions close 26 October 2017

Resource Consent is sought for the construction of a 260 room hotel breaching height, transport and building length requirements, with associated earthworks exceeding volume, cut and fill standards. Associated consents for the sale of liquor from and signage for the hotel are sought at Alpine Lakes Drive and Francis Rees Place, Kawarau Falls.

 Scheduled Resource Consent Hearings

Resource Consent Location and Date Description Decision Status

Pro-Invest NZ Property 1 Limited Partnership


10.00am, Wednesday 18 October 2017 at Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Beach Street, Queenstown   The subject site is at 11, 13 & 17 Stanley Street and 21 & 25 Stanley Street, Queenstown.  Resource consent is sought to operate a four-storied hotel with approximately 227 guest units.  Pending 

Slab Limited 


10.00am, Thursday 2 November 2017 at Peak Functions, 181/185 Upton Street, Wanaka   The subject site is at 1153 Wanaka-Luggate Highway, Luggate.  Resource consent is sought to subdivide the site into three lots and identify three residential building platforms  Pending

For information on hearing procedures check the hearing information brochure (PDF, 158KB). You can also view any application on eDocs by searching using the address or RM number.