Notice of By-election, Nomination of Candidates and Enrolment Arrangements

Notice is given that on Friday 3 November a by-election will be held to fill an extraordinary vacancy for the position of Member of the Wanaka Community Board. The vacancy has arisen from the recent election of Quentin Smith as Wanaka Ward Councillor.

Nominations received

The following nominations have been received:

Nominee First nominator                  Second nominator
Judith Audrey Battson Sarah Julie Scott

Timothy Lawrence Davis

Alan George Cutler John Lawrence Coe

Josephine Frances Haines

Barry William Bruce Kevin Bruce King

Matthew James Davison


Jude Battson

Jude Battson

 I'm all for maximising the best possible outcomes for Community, Environment and Economy.

Water quality, parking, infrastructure, sportsfields, housing, roading, bridges, cycle/walkways, our environment are under pressure.

My job as a WCB member includes managing the impact of growth, supporting sensible planning, innovative business and a robust economy.

We need to achieve tourists helping fund essential infrastructure and services.

Safe pedestrian/cycle connectivity for 3Parks across the state highway is paramount. 3Parks school opens 2019. Ballantyne Road and its intersections need upgrading/roundabouts. CBD and foreshore are treasured destinations.

My community projects involvement includes schools, roads, tracks, Wanaka Airport, Project Pure, 2020, reserve upgrades, Wanaka Structure Plan, Recreation Centre, Wastebusters, Springs Project and management of Ruby Island.

I'm a Wanaka Primary School BOT member, chairperson of Lake Hawea Guardians, a motivated, committed team player, have time for the job and will work in a proactive and accountable way for you.



Barry Bruce

BRUCE Barry WanakaCommunityBoard

As an enthusiastic Wanaka resident for nearly 20 years I have seen our area grow nearly four-fold.

This growth encompasses our outlying communities and whilst dynamic, needs to be planned and managed with care.

I have a passion and desire to protect the natural qualities and attributes of our region.

When elected as a Wanaka Community Board member, my goals are:

  1. To protect our small town character and feel, while ensuring pro-active, not reactive, planning.
  2. To develop creative solutions that plan for growing tourist numbers, at the same time protecting the natural features that attract visitors and residents alike.
  3. To work toward a more responsive community focused role for the Community Board.

Married to Sue and with children who also enjoy our region, I have a strong desire to contribute my passion and skills to our community.


Alan Cutler
Alan Cutler

I have lived in Queenstown Lakes District for over 12 years with the last 7 in Albert Town. In that short time I have experienced Wanaka’s growing pains and I believe I have knowledge and skills that will help Wanaka achieve a better future.

With degrees in Science and Landscape Architecture, I have worked for a Regional Council, DOC, two City Councils, and a landscape design and planning consultancy in Queenstown. I am very familiar with planning processes and environmental and growth issues affecting the District and the Wanaka Ward.

As an active outdoors person I am passionate about protecting and enhancing environmental and recreational values. As a candidate my key concerns relate to; landscape protection, reserve development, urban sprawl and fair and transparent democratic processes. If elected I will contribute towards improved management of the natural assets and values within the Ward and a defined and sustainable Wanaka township.


Queenstown Lakes District Council: Wanaka Ward By-Election

The final result of the Wanaka Ward by-election can be accessed by clicking here

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Pre-election Report

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