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We regularly carry out surveys and consultation to gauge public opinion on a range of matters. Some, like the annual Residents and Ratepayers Survey, are commissioned from independent survey companies who carry them out on our behalf, while we run others informally ourselves as a way of gathering community views.

When we’re conducting an on-line survey or consultation, you’ll find the link on this page. You’ll also find the results of previous surveys and consultations here.

Current Submissions or Feedback  

  • Environmental Health Proposed Fees and Charges Review
    Council does not charge a registration fee for food businesses that are required to register with Queenstown Lakes District Council. As a result of the work required to register a food business, it is being reviewed whether a fee should be introduced which reflects the work undertaken.
  • Pride in Your Premises
    Mayor Jim Boult has launched the Pride in your Premises initiative to encourage businesses and shops across the district to take a fresh look at the presentation of their street frontages.

  • Proposed Class 4 and TAB gambling venue policy
    QLDC is reviewing its policies on Class 4 and TAB Gambling Venues.

  • National Water Survey
    Water New Zealand and Arup are providing this survey to understand consumer attitudes to drinking water and stormwater. The results will assist the water industry to engage and empower customers, to help improve water services and to ensure sustainable water use.


Recent Submissions and Survey Results


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