McBride Park

This park is named after the McBride family who were some of the district’s first and most industrious settlers.


Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown.


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  • No trail bikes
  • Dogs should be under control at all times
  • BBQ area available
  • Childrens playground  



The McBride family left their mark through numerous business endeavours, which included gold mining, saw milling, boat building, flour milling, farming and hotel keeping. The first generation of the family who came to settle in the Wakatipu, were all born in Fairhead, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim Ireland. They arrived in the early 1860’s and quickly discovered there were more ways to make a living than gold mining. Two of the most well known McBrides were Frank and his cousin Hugh.

Frank married Margaret Laverty in Queenstown in 1864 and together they raised 13 children mostly at their farm near present day Queenstown Airport. The farm was known as ‘Antrim’ of ‘French Farm’ and some of the original buildings still remain. Frank was known as the ‘Barley King’ for his ability to produce outstanding yields of grain. He held many public offices and died in 1926 aged 91.

Hugh arrived in the Wakatipu in 1865. Initially he was involved in sawmilling but also became a very successful farmer, occupying the land where Lake Hayes Estate is now located. He married Sarah McCormack in Arrowtown in 1875 and they had nine children. Hugh died in 1912 aged 70. The family house, ‘Bridesdale’ still stands today. 

Frank McBride Family

      Frank McBride Family

Hugh McBride Family

      Hugh McBride Family