Pembroke Park

The park is one of Wanaka’s most significant public spaces given its proximity to the township of Wanaka and its relationship to the lakefront and other major parks.

Well used by locals and visitors alike, Pembroke Park is popular for local sports games, farmers markets or simply as a short cut into town.


Pembroke Park is over 10 hectares located between Dungarvon, Ardmore, Brownston and McDougall Streets.



toilet symbol imageimage of skatepark symbolimage of dogs under control symbolimage of car park symbol

  • Toilets
  • Skatepark
  • Dogs must be under control at all times.
  • Car park.



The area known as Pembroke Park has had a very chequered history being largely determined in extent by its height limits of the 1878 Flood. In order to respect this potential natural hazard the area has been designated as “Proposed Reserve” since the first Extra Urban Planning Scheme was prepared for Wanaka in 1947.

More history about Pembroke Park is available in the Management Plan which can be accessed via the Links box at the top of this page.