Apply for a Building Consent

Lodging an electronic application

You will need to complete an application form and provide information that is relevant to your project.

If you require an application form please use this link building consent application or you can obtain a copy from Queenstown Lakes District Council offices; or contact us on 03 441 0499 and we can post an application form to you.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information you can lodge your application with us.

Applications can be submitted electronically through the File Transfer Portal (ShareFile) below. PDF is our preferable format. Please upload only one consent at a time. If you want to upload a Resource Consent you submit one online through our Online Resource Consent page.

Once the application has been uploaded through the portal, we will be in touch within 24 hours in order to acknowledge receipt of the upload and provide a reference number for your application. If you don’t hear from the Building Team within 24 hours, please contact us on 03 441 0499 to ensure that the upload was successful.

Please note that most applications are processed electronically, and there are advantages in submitting your application through our File Transfer Portal as this avoids the delay and costs of scanning. Please do not send documents that are password protected or read only as we are unable to stamp these.

Your application, including any plans, will then be checked to ensure all required information has been provided.

If the application is complete and accompanied by the appropriate deposit, it will be accepted. Our bank details are Queenstown Lakes District Council, BNZ, Queenstown 02 0948 0211515 00. Please use your name and/or address of the project as a reference.

Your issued building consent will be sent to you electronically unless you have stated otherwise. It will be available for upload for 30 days. Once your consent is received you will be able to follow the progress through our electronic consent system  You can view consent information by consent number, address or valuation number.

Building Consent Preferred Document Names

Each building consent should have no more than five PDF's or Zip Files as outlined below. Please group all your plans together as one PDF.

Application for BC - completed Form 2, Form 2a if required, building calculator sheet, vetting checksheet

Specifications - General, Product Certification, Manufacturers Specs

Plans - if all plans can be grouped as one PDF or zipped together this would be helpful

Producer Statements (if any) - (for all disciplines and accompanying docs – Structural, Truss, Barriers, Mechanical, Emergency Lighting etc)

Other correspondence


File Transfer Portal (ShareFile)

Note: Please do not navigate from this page until the upload is complete.