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The Building Services team are on a journey of continuous improvement and we are pretty proud of the changes we are making. We hope that these will allow us to serve the community more efficiently and effectively.

As these changes come online we’ll keep you updated within this newsfeed section.

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14th September 2017- New Application Forms

The QLDC BCA has been reviewing its application forms, guidance documents and supporting information as part of its focus on continuous improvement. Many of these new documents have now been launched on the website for the public to use. Several of these forms represent a departure from the previous documents so we encourage you to review the documents carefully. All updated documents have been marked as (NEW).

Of special note is the new CS19.3 Residential Processing Checklist. This replaces the old CS4.1R. This new document has been designed to provide a more open and transparent approach to building consent processing. The applicant fills in the same form as that which is used by the Processing Officer so this will ensures that all building code requirements are clearly understood before they submit their application. We encourage you to share this form with your designer to ensure that they have included all required information into their plans and specifications. If they succeed in doing this then this will speed up the efficiency of the processing and reduce the chances of delays due to RFI's.  


12th September 2017- New Website launch

If you are a frequent visitor to the Building Services website you'll notice that we are making some changes to how it looks and the information we provide to the public. The objective of these changes is to provide you with improved information which is easier to find and navigate.