Plan Change 53 - Northlake

The Purpose of this Plan Change is to:

  • Alter the Northlake Special Zone Structure Plan boundaries. This would increase the size of the zones (Activity Area D1) where retirement villages and commercial activities are provided for and enable higher housing densities on flat areas of the Northlake Special Zone.

  • Amend the rule limiting retail floor area from 200m² per activity with a maximum floor area of 1000m². It is sought to allow up to 2,500m² total retail floor area, and a single retail activity of up to 1,250m² gross floor area to facilitate a supermarket, while retaining the 200m² cap for other commercial and retail activities.

  • Undertake amendments to rules controlling landscaping and the bulk and location of development to recognise the extension to Activity Area D1, with regard to the setback of buildings, building height, access, and landscaping adjacent to Outlet Road.

  • Amend a rule that states that fish and meat processing is prohibited. It is sought to add an exemption to this rule that would permit fish and meat processing that is ancillary to a retail activity such as a supermarket within Activity Area D1.

  • Delete a rule in the Subdivision, Development and Financial Contributions Chapter 15 that requires a minimum amount of house lots to be approved prior to permitting community facilities.

  • Amend the sign rules in Chapter 18 Signs where they relate to the Northlake Special Zone.

The land sought to be rezoned and directly affected by the plan change is located centrally within the Northlake Special Zone and is owned by Northlake Investments Limited. The scope of the plan change is limited to this land. The above provides only a broad overview of the key changes set out by the requestor.


Submissions Close Friday 16 February 2018


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