Land Developments and Subdivisions

Land Development and Subdivision – Code of Practice

To ensure that land development and subdivision infrastructure is designed and constructed utilising best practice the Queenstown Lakes District Council have provided the QLDC Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice. Please refer to the below link for information and downloads relating to:

Subdivision - how do I get my new titles?

If you have an approved Resource Consent that allows you to subdivide your section you may find the below information useful.

This takes you through the necessary steps to get new titles, these include:

  • s223  - Survey plan approval - the plan your surveyor creates to show the boundaries of your new sections
  • s224c - The Council completion certificate to certify you have complied with all your resource consent conditions
  • Consent Notices – Do you have on-going conditions that are required to be registered on the new sections?
  • Bonds – If you cannot complete all the works pre 224c
  • Engineering acceptance – The process for ensuring all the physical works are designed and constructed in accordance with QLDC’s Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice
  • Are you vesting roads/reserves?
  • Development Contribution requirements

s223 and s224(c) subdivision certification

How do I give effect to my subdivision consent (the Section 223 and 224(c) process)?

The subdivision consent alone does not give you new land titles. There are still a number of steps to be completed before you can apply to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to have new certificates of title issued.

These steps include the issue of the s223 and s224(c) certificates. These sections are referred to in the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). 

Section 223 certificate

Once subdivision consent is issued an applicant has five years to lodge a survey plan with Council. This plan is prepared by a registered surveyor showing the boundaries, areas, and if relevant any easements, amalgamations and covenants that need to be prepared.

If the plan is in accordance with what was approved by Council as part of the subdivision consent then a s223 certificate approval will be signed. Once this has been signed by Council the plan may then be lodged with LINZ for approval. This lodgement is the responsibility of the applicant.

Applicants should allow 10 working days for processing of a s223 certification application. This time frame will be extended where an application is incomplete or the plan is not in accordance with what was originally approved by Council.

There is no s223 application form template, please submit the survey plan to the Subdivision Planner with a covering letter providing details of the approved Resource Consent.

Section 224(c) certificate

Once a s223 certificate has been signed by Council, an applicant then has a further three years from the date of signing to obtain a s224(c) certificate. A s224(c) certificate is a final approval from Council that all conditions of the subdivision consent have been complied with.

Prior to starting physical works an engineering acceptance might be required for any works required to be designed and constructed in accordance with QLDC’s Land Development and Subdivision Code of Practice. Please refer to the following Planning Practice note for guidance.

Once the engineering acceptance has been obtained and all the conditions of consent have been completed, a formal application for 224(c) certification needs to be made to Council by an applicant once all works required as part of the subdivision have been completed. The processing of a s224(c) certificate requires Council Officers and Engineers to undertake a site inspection, review the supporting documentation supplied with the application (including as built plans showing new services), confirmation that the relevant development contributions have been paid and undertake a check of each condition of resource consent to confirm that they have been complied to the satisfaction of Council.

Applicants should allow a minimum of 10 working days for processing of a s224(c) certification application. This time frame will be extended where an application is incomplete or further works are required to achieve compliance with resource consent conditions.

Once Council is satisfied that all conditions of subdivision consent have been complied with then the s224(c) certificates will be signed. An applicant must then lodge this certificate with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to allow separate titles for the newly created lots to be issued. Please note that Council is not responsible for the application for new titles – the subdivision consent holder or their agent must make this application

The below s224c application form should be used and then submitted to Councils Subdivision Planner, (alongside all other information as required by the conditions of consent) for approval.   

Consent Notices:  

A Consent Notice is an ongoing condition of subdivision consent that is registered on the new land title. An applicant’s subdivision consent decision will set out if a Consent Notice is required and the conditions which are to be included in that notice

A consent notice is issued pursuant to Section 221 of the Resource Management Act and will need to be supplied by the applicant at the time of application for 224(c) certification.

The below Consent Notice template should be used and then submitted to Council for approval.


Bonding is on a case by case basis, generally Council will not accept bonding of essential services (water, wastewater, stormwater or power), street name signs, road markings or road traffic signs. Please contact the subdivision planner to determine whether bonding is acceptable

If bonding is acceptable, two quotes are required to be submitted, the bond value shall be a minimum of 1.5 the high amount of two quotes.

The below Bond Template should be used and then submitted to Council for approval.

Other templates:

Vesting Roads or Reserves?

Do I need to pay Development Contributions?

Fees for 223 & 224c Certification

There is a set fee payable for s223 and s224(c) certification. Please refer to Council’s Resource Consent Fees schedule.

How to apply

Either send the documents via email to Councils Subdivision Planner directly or


Via the File Transfer Portal (ShareFile) 

Other useful Links

Further Questions?

Please contact our Subdivision Planner at or by calling 03 441 0499