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Kelvin Heights Plans Unveiled

A 10-year landscaping plan for Kelvin Heights was presented to residents at a report back session late last week.

"We held the initial workshop in October, which proved a really positive exercise. It was well attended and we received some great suggestions. The report back session allowed us to present a draft plan including concept drawings, which were positively received," Mr Wilson said.

"The plan reflects what it is that the community wanted to see implemented in their neighbourhood," he said.

The plan included: tennis courts; improved facilities; an expanded boating facility at Bayview; better vehicle control; a street tree programme; improved pedestrian connections; and the relocation of the playground to a sunnier and more suitable location.

"We had 70 attend the workshop and 50 attend the report back sessions, which is a great turnout for a relatively small community", Mr Wilson said.

The Council had allocated $60,000 this year to commence implementing the plan with further funds allocated in the following year.

"It is a 10-year plan but the great thing is that all reserve work in that area will now be consistent with an agreed plan which is a major benefit for the Council and for the community," Mr Wilson said.

The draft landscaping plan was now on display in the Queenstown Council office on Gorge Road or could be viewed on the Council website, with an opportunity to comment prior to February 15, 2006.

"Id be really pleased to receive any feedback prior to the draft being adopted by Council," he said.

The reserves workshop was likely to act as a pilot for other small communities.

"Certainly in the case of Kelvin Heights it was an entirely productive and useful undertaking that could work for other areas of the district," Mr Wilson said.


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