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Pontoon - Days Could be Numbered

The popular Lake Wanaka pontoon could be removed for good if the facility continued to be abused, Queenstown Lakes District Council Wanaka operations manager Chris Hawker said.

Just 48-hours into its use, after the pontoon was installed for the summer, Mr Hawker had been informed that a group of approximately 15 young people were seen to deliberately flip the foreshore structure.

"This is the second time. The last time it sustained damage and we have no choice but to once again pull the pontoon out of the water to inspect it and undertake the necessary repairs," Mr Hawker said.

The pontoon would be removed from the water tomorrow and had been temporarily moved today away from its position on the lake shore.

"We had actually gone to more effort to ensure the pontoon could not be flipped after the last incident, so it took a fair bit of commitment to cause the damage this time. It's disappointing for everyone because I can't guarantee it will be able to be back in the water before Christmas," Mr Hawker said.

He wanted to hear from the young people involved and their parents. Although Mr Hawker could not be sure whether the young people were local, letters would go out to the high school this week in the hope that the message would get to the perpetrators.

"I want them to front up and acknowledge the cost not only in monetary terms but in terms of the fun and enjoyment denied to everyone else in this community," he said.

If no undertaking was received from the young people involved that the facility would be treated with respect in the future, then the pontoon's days could be numbered.

"To be blunt, the next time this happens, it's possible it will be gone for good," he said.


For further information contact Chris Hawker 03 443 8197.