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Wicklow Terrace Reserve Encroachment


In early 2012 it was brought to Council’s attention that a property owner had encroached onto reserve land at the rear of their property. It was noted that a tennis court was built over the private and onto the reserve. Upon further investigation it was discovered that a garage was also partially built on the reserve.  The private property owner had also landscaped some of the reserve and had built a large scale vegetable garden and planted numerous fruit trees.

The adjoining property is comprised of land that is legally described as Section 1 Survey Office Plan 431144


It now needs to be decided as to the best way to deal with this encroachment.

Council is able to request that the private property owner remove all property from the reserve land includes the tennis court, garage, vegetable garden and other landscaping. Alternatively Council could require the owner to partially vacate the site and then revoke the Reserve status of the land and give the land back to the Department of Conservation in order for them to sell the land to the property owners.

At a recent Wanaka Community Board Meeting the following resolution was passed:

1) On the motion of Councillor Cocks and Copland it was resolved that the Wanaka Community Board receive this report.
2) That the intention to revoke 211 square metres of Reserve Land legally described as Section 1 Survey Office Plan 431144 with the intention of disposing of the land, be publicly notified and submissions called for; and
3) That the Wanaka Community Board nominate Mr Copland and Councillor Battson to be on the hearing panel and for the hearing panel to report back to the Board with a recommendation, noting that any disposal of the land to the adjoining landowner will be subject to the following:
a. Fencing of the Southern and Eastern Boundaries of their property and reserve boundary in a low lying post and single rail fence
b. All fencing to be approved by QLDC’s Property Manager
c. Removal of sign on Wicklow Terrace

If a partial sale goes ahead it needs to be noted that none of the proceeds from any sale would go to Council as all funds generated would go to the Department of Conservation.

The owners have indicated that they would be interested in purchasing a strip, as shown hatched in green on the attached plan.

>> Aerial photo of site  (pdf 1.48MB) 

>> Read more information here  (pdf 48KB)