Public Notices

Representation Review

At its meeting on Friday 29 June 2012, Council decided that the current representation arrangements will continue for the next two local body elections.  Those arrangements are:
• There will three wards; Wakatipu, Arrowtown and Wanaka;
• The Wakatipu Ward will elect 6 members, the Arrowtown Ward will elect 1 member and the Wanaka Ward will elect 3 members;
• There will be a Wanaka Community Board with 4 directly elected members from within the Ward and the 3 Wanaka Ward councillors who will be appointed to the Board;
• The Ward boundaries will remain as they were for the 2010 election.
No appeals or objections were received on Council’s decision.  Consequently, these are the representation arrangements that will be in place for the next two elections in 2013 and 2016.