Queenstown Lakes District Community Housing Trust

Find out about the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust and see if you’re eligible for the shared ownership programme.


What is the Community Housing Trust?

The Community Housing Trust is an independent, charitable trust.  It is not controlled by the Council.

Its role is to promote and/or provide housing for households that will contribute to the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of those living within the Queenstown Lakes District at a cost within their means.


For an overview of the Trust's role see the Position Statement and the Deed of Trust below:

>> Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust - Trustee Position Statement (pdf 35kb)
>> Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust Deed of Trust (pdf 671kb)


Who are the Trustees?

The Community Housing Trustees are:

  • David Cole (chair)
  • Denis Pezaro
  • Barry Robertson
  • Brian Donnelly
  • Stephen Brent


What is the role of the Trust?

Amongst other work, the Trust is working closely with the Council to deliver the policy framework for the delivery and management of community housing and is investigating housing products that will meet the needs of its target community.


Find out more about the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust

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