Rural Fire

The Queenstown Lakes District is prone to hot, dry conditions meaning rural fires could occur at any time during the summer. 

Fire Seasons

This district has a 365 day Restricted Fire Season. 

During the year, hot dry conditions in the district may mean that the Principal Rural Fire Officer puts in place a Prohibited Fire Season.   A Prohibited Fire Season means that no fires may be lit, including those with current permits.

Exceptions to this rule, for example BBQs, may be found in the Urban Fire and Smoke Prevention Bylaw 2007.

>> Urban Fire and Smoke Prevention Bylaw 2007 (pdf 21.7kb)


Illegal Fire Lighting

The penalties for lighting a fire without a permit are severe. Costs to suppress the fire - including man hours, appliances, and aircraft - and repairs for any damage caused may be sought from the person responsible.


Rural Fire Plan

>>Download the current Rural Fire Plan here 

Report Rural Fires

If you notice a fire or smoke, call 111 and ask for the fire service.