Carpooling has lots of benefits - you save on petrol, parking hassles, car maintenance, and you help reduce vehicle emissions, air pollution and congestion.

QLDC Carpooling

As part of the Queenstown Town Centre Transport Strategy, QLDC is committed to addressing issues of congestion and parking availability within the Queenstown CBD.

QLDC currently has 29 dedicated free carpooling car parks across the Ballarat and Boundary St Carparks in the Queenstown CBD. These are set aside for use by people who are permit holders in the QLDC carpooling scheme.

Ballot system

100 permits are available to members of the public. A ballot for these permits is held annually in late February and they are valid for one year. In order to qualify for a carpooling permit you must live outside the Queenstown carpooling exclusion zone and hold a New Zealand Drivers Licence.

Registration for permits opens on the 1st of February and closes when the permit quota of 100 permit holders is full.

There will be an annual fee of $10 per for those in the carpooling scheme and this will cover the cost of the physical permits and any additional resourcing. This is an interim cost for the first year and may change depending on how popular the new system is and associated resourcing required to administer it.

To apply for a carpooling permit please complete the below form and drop it into a Council office along with proof of your address (such as a utilities bill or bank statement) and your New Zealand Drivers Licence.

How it works

Once selected as a carpooling permit holder users will be issued with a permit that must be displayed on the dashboard of the car that they travel in.

Every vehicle using the system must take a minimum of three registered carpooling users. Every user in a carpooling vehicle must make their permits visible on the dashboard of their vehicle when parked in a carpooling park.

Cars will be allowed to park in a carpooling space for up to 10 hours in a 24 hour period.

All permit holders will be given a list of with the details of everyone else in the scheme (email address, phone number and area – it will be up to permit holders to arrange rides amongst themselves.

The rules

  1. Permit holders may park in the allocated spaces in Boundary and Ballarat St Car Parks only within the allotted times. Holding a permit does not guarantee a space.
  2. A minimum of 3 permits must be clearly displayed at all times in the vehicle of the persons using the vehicle that day.
  3. Permits will only be granted to persons living outside Queenstown (see figure 1 below).
  4. Permits will only be issued to persons of legal driving age who are holders of valid New Zealand driving licences. This must be presented at the time of application along with proof of address.
  5. Permits are non-transferable.
  6. Permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  7. Any person found not adhering to the above rules will forfeit their permit and infringement notices may be issued.
  8. An administration fee for each permit of $10.00 is payable for each permit or subsequent replacement.

Carpooling Spaces

Ballarat Street Carpark

Ballarat St



Boundary Street Carpark

Boundary St



Exclusion Zone

In order to qualify for a carpooling permit you must live outside the below Queenstown carpooling exclusion zone.

Carpooling Exclusion Zone


The exclusion zone includes the Queenstown side of the below intersections:

  • Lake Wakatipu Ride, Marina Drive and Frankton Rd Intersection
  • Gorge Rd and Industrial Place Intersection
  • Glenorchy Queenstown Rd and Fernhill Rd Intersection


New Zealand Transport Agency has produced some helpful resources about setting up a carpool.