Elections for the Queenstown Lakes District Council (Mayor and Councillors and Wanaka Community Board), Otago Regional Council and Central Otago Health (Wanaka ward) will be held on 8 October 2016.  They will be held by postal vote and conducted under the First Past the Post system. 

The election will be for:

  • 1 Mayor of the Queenstown Lakes District (district wide)
  • 6 councillors to represent the Queenstown/Wakatipu Ward
  • 1 councillor to represent the Arrowtown Ward
  • 3 councillors to represent the Wanaka Ward
  • 4 members of the Wanaka Community Board 
  • 3 members of the Dunstan Constituency of the Otago Regional Council
  • 1 members of Central Otago Health (Wanaka ward only)

Candidate information evenings

  • Friday 9th, Lake Wanaka Centre at 4pm – meet the candidates for the Mayoralty, Council and Wanaka Community Board. Organised by the Wanaka Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Mike Regal from Radio Wanaka. Email naomi@wanakachamber.co.nz to register

  • Tuesday 13th, Queenstown Memorial Centre – meet the candidates and Mayoral debate, organised by the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce and hosted by broadcaster Sean Plunket. Meet the candidates starts 5.30pm; Mayoral debate starts 7pm. Registrations essential http://www.queenstownchamber.org.nz/meet-the-wakatipu-candidates-mayoral-debate

  • Thursday 15th, St Marg's Hall, Frankton at 1.30pm - Grey Power meet the Mayoral Candidates

  • Monday 19th, Glenorchy Hall at 6.30pm - Meet the Mayoral candidates and those standing for the Wakatipu Ward, organised by the Glenorchy Community Association

  • Thursday 22nd, St Marg's Hall, Frankton at 7.30pm - FCA meet the Wakatipu Ward candidates

  • Thursday 29th, Graze Café in Lake Hayes Estate at 7pm – meet the candidates for the Mayoralty and the Wakatipu Ward

If your organisation is holding a similar election event and would like us to add it to this list, please email michele.poole@qldc.govt.nz with details

Click here for full profiles of all election candidates

Click here for videos of candidates on Tap TV


Election Nominees

Nominator 1

Nominator 2 

Candidate telephone

Candidate email

Mayor of the Queenstown Lakes District

Jim Boult Eion Sinclair Edgar  John Sheppard Wilson 027 480 1201 jim@boult.co.nz 
Lyal Cocks Matthew James Davison Edward Richard Miles Taylor 0274 381 443 lyal.cocks@gmail.com
Al Angus Roger Stuart Grant Matthew Ronald Anthony 0274 218 846 mrangus57@gmail.com
John Mann Karen Jan Scott Paul Simon Robertson 021 338 744 john@mannmade.co.nz
Roger Tompkins William Frank Baddeley Sebastian Dudley Smith 021 436 870 roger@rogertompkins.com

Councillor of the Queenstown Lakes District


Queenstown/Wakatipu Ward 

(Six vacancies)

John MacDonald Robert Jules Tapper  Anthony Robertson  027 435 6092  john@tourismmacs.com 
Simon Stamers-Smith Jillian Frances Jardine Robert Donald Spary 0274 411 940 maryss@xtra.co.nz
Craig (Ferg) Ferguson Richard Howard Heap Luana Marjorie Rose Frear 0274 869 933 ferg@thehits.co.nz
Peter Faul Barry Francis Ellis Graeme Morris Todd 0274 328 886 peter@advantageqt.co.nz
Alexa Forbes Wendy Jane Clarke Sheena Rachel Haywood 021 296 4255 alexaforbes@me.com
Hudson Turnbull Kirsty Jean Sharpe Simon Anthony Hayes 021 442 639 turnbull@queenstown.co.nz
Niki Gladding John Shepherd Glover Gregory Paul Fraser 027 630 0654 ngladding@hotmail.com
Tony Hill Victoria Mary Buckham Craig Andrew Benington 0274 336 575 tonyhill@queenstown.co.nz
Merv Aoake Grant Steven McLennan Jacqueline Hariata Kukutai 0274 301 719 aoake@xtra.co.nz
Valerie Judith Miller Richard Jonathan Pettit Alan Bertram Harper 027 228 6586 val@wakatipumedical.co.nz
Terri Anderson Jose Eduardo Ganga Justine Farquharson 0210 827 3600 terri@andersoncomms.com
Penny Clark Harry Graham Duff Budd Lynne Marie McVicar 021 640 974 penny.clark46@gmailcom
Tamati Daniel Maruera  Nando Gabriel Normando Yardley Jahmaine Manawaroa 027 357 5583 danielmaruera@windowslive.com
Michael Ramsay Louise Dorothy Christabel Bell Frederikus Petrus Maria 022 624 2955 mjramsay2016@gmail.com

Wanaka Ward 

(Three vacancies)

Ross McRobie Mark Edward Williams  Juliet Mary Hall  027 432 9892  rmcrobie@xtra.co.nz 
Jude Battson Jamie Alexander Urquhart Vicki Lorraine Urquhart 027 561 6088 judebattson60@gmail.com
Quentin Smith Kevin Bruce King Kathryn Jenny West 021 270 3706 qksmith@gmail.com
Ella Lawton Brent Peter Harridge Margaret Aikman West 021 735 981 vote4ella@gmail.com
Calum MacLeod Loris Eileen King Trevor Leonard Crawford 021 272 1505 abccinema@xtra.co.nz

Arrowtown Ward 

(One vacancy - Scott Stevens elected unopposed)

Scott Stevens Matthew Paul Yates  Scott Robert Julian  021 664 553 scottstevens@xtra.co.nz 

Wanaka Community Board

(Four vacancies)

Ed Taylor Kim Maureen Dulcie Taylor Robin Inkster 0274 307 549 ed.taylor@xtra.co.nz
Rachel Brown Dominic Peter Stayne Lisa Frances Dean 021 042 5597 rachelbrownwcb@gmail.com
Quentin Smith Kevin Bruce King Kathryn Jenny West 021 270 3706 qksmith@gmail.com

Barry Bruce

Kevin Bruce King

Michael John Saunders

0274 345 233

Bryan Lloyd

Karl Andrew Timothy Hall

Russell Gordon Duff

021 144 2009


Mike O'Connor

Graham Matthew Lee

Michael John Kreft

021 499 642


Ruth Harrison

Brian McLeod Cleugh

Frances Therese Tate

021 474 904


Otago Regional Council Dunstan Constituency

(Three vacancies)

Click here for nominations         

Wanaka Representative, Central Otago Health Incorporated

(One vacancy - Richard Kane elected unopposed)

Richard Kane Stuart Landsborough Coleen Beverly Landsborough 027 443 1229 kane.wanaka@gmail.com


The Queenstown Lakes District Council has resolved under regulation 31 of the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 to adopt the random order of candidate names to appear on the voting documents.

Voting documents must be returned by post or delivered not later than 12.00 noon on Saturday, 8 October 2016 to the Electoral Officer for the Queenstown Lakes District Council, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Voting papers will also be accepted at the Wanaka Service Centre, 47 Ardmore Street, Wanaka up to 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2016.

The final day for polling is 8 October 2016 at 12.00 noon.

Can I vote? 

If you live permanently in the Queenstown Lakes District and are enrolled to vote as a Parliamentary elector, you will automatically have been included on the Queenstown Lakes District Electoral Roll and will receive your voting papers in the mail. The Queenstown Lakes District Electoral Roll closed on 12 August 2016. After this date, if you are not on the Electoral Roll you will need to make a Special Vote.

Special Voting

Special voting in terms of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations may be exercised at the following places during ordinary office hours between 16 September and 5pm on 7 October 2016:

  • Queenstown Lakes District Council, Queenstown Service Centre, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council, Wanaka Service Centre, 47 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

A person may apply to enrol as either a residential elector or a ratepayer elector no later than 7 October 2016 – the day before the close of voting.

Ratepayer electors: Please note that to enrol as a ratepayer elector you must already be enrolled as a Parliamentary elector at a New Zealand address outside the Queenstown Lakes District.

Contact the Electoral Officer

Any questions about the election can be directed to Jane Robertson, Electoral Officer, telephone (03) 441 0499 or email jane.robertson@qldc.govt.nz

Pre-election Report

View the latest Pre-election report here

2013 Triennial General Election

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