The 2016 Election has been completed and the final results are available below.

Information about the rate at which votes were return is available below.

Candidates are required to provide a return of their electoral donations and expenses.

Pre-election Report

View the latest Pre-election report here

Ratepayer Electors

If you own a property in the Queenstown Lakes District but did not receive a voting paper in the 2016 election, it probably means you are not on the current electoral roll as a Ratepayer Elector.  Enrolments can be made at any time by completing the below form and emailing it to the Electoral Officer. 

Contact the Electoral Officer

Any questions about the election can be directed to Jane Robertson, Electoral Officer, telephone (03) 441 0499 or email jane.robertson@qldc.govt.nz

2013 Triennial General Election

Click here for the final results of the 2013 election.

Click here for data on the rate at which votes were returned.

Click here for candidate returns of electoral donations and expenses.