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We regularly carry out surveys and consultation to gauge public opinion on a range of matters. Some, like the annual Residents and Ratepayers Survey, are commissioned from independent survey companies who carry them out on our behalf, while we run others informally ourselves as a way of gathering community views.

When we’re conducting an on-line survey or consultation, you’ll find the link on this page. You’ll also find the results of previous surveys and consultations here.

Current Submissions or Feedback  

  • Future of the Lakeview site
    Sitting above Queenstown is the Lakeview site, an exciting piece of Council owned and administered property. We are looking for your feedback on the future of the site. 
    Feedback closes 5pm Friday 8 September 

  • Proposed QLDC Brothel Control Bylaw 2017
    We have completed a review of the current Brothel Control Bylaw 2011. Council considers that the current bylaw should be revoked and replaced with the proposed Brothel Control Bylaw 2017.
    Feedback closes 5pm Monday 18 September

  • Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan
    Feedback is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide their views on the proposals.   We'll collate and publish the feedback here soon.  

Recent Submissions and Survey Results


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