Fees and Charges Review 2017

Statement of Proposal [PDF 1MB]

Resource Consent & Engineering Initial Fees and Other Charges [PDF 203KB]

Building Consent Charges [PDF 212KB]

We have reviewed our fees and charges as part of a special consultative procedure in 2016. The revised charges then became part of the 2016/17 Annual Plan.

Since that time, it has been identified that a small number of changes are required to help with the consistent and smooth administration of regulatory functions. For example some types of applications were not captured by the schedule and need to be added in. Changes are best summarised into three categories:

A. Proposed changes to monitoring fees and when they are collected
B. Proposed removal of footpath bonds
C. Proposed amendments to update some fees following a review of actual costs and to make other updates and amendments.

The Local Government Act 2002, Building Act 1991 and Resource Management Act 1991 require that charges made for regularly services are adopted following a Special Consultative Procedure.

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Any person or organisation is welcome to make a submission on the proposed Fees and Charges Review 2017. The Council encourages everyone with an interest to do so.

All Submissions will be treated as public information. Your name and comments will be publicly available, however we will not disclose your contact details.

A hearing of submissions will be held 31 May-1 June 2017 for those who wish to speak to their submissions.  

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Submissions close at 5pm on 28 April 2017