Proposed Fees and Charges Changes

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Following the introduction of the Resource Law Amendment Act 2017 (RLAA 2017) QLDC is proposing to make a small number of amendments to the resource consent, engineering fees and other charges schedule.

  1. New section “87BA Boundary activities approved by neighbours on infringed boundaries are permitted activities.” This section establishes a new class of permitted activity, where in a residential zone a side yard or height plane breach is permitted, if the affected neighbour provides affected party approval. A person can make an application to the Council. It is proposed to charge a fixed fee of $320 for the processing and issuing of these notices.

  2. New section “87BB Activities meeting certain requirements are permitted activities.” This section provides the discretion for a consent authority to make marginal or temporary breaches a permitted activity. For example a temporary breach of a noise standard.  It is proposed to charge an initial fee of $390 for these activities.  An initial fee is proposed as there is a requirement for an assessment of environmental effects, and effects on people, to be undertaken under these provisions.

  3. New sub-section 36(1)(af) where a person making an objection under section 357A(1)(f) or (g) (relating to decisions on resource consents) can request an independent commissioner. The cost of using an independent commissioner can then be recovered.  It is proposed that the cost of the independent commissioners be recovered at their hourly rate for the time spent.

  4. Due to increases in cost of securing engineers and engineering services in the Queenstown Lakes district the hourly rate for RM Engineering services is proposed to increase from $165 to $185 ($160.86 ex GST).  This is to ensure that ratepayers are not burdened with increased costs due to recognised national and local shortages in engineers driving up the cost of engineering related services.

Statement of Proposal [PDF 160KB]
Attachment A: Proposed amendments to Fees and charges schedule (163kb)

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