Proposed Cemeteries Bylaw

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We have undertaken a review of the current Cemeteries Bylaw 2010 and supporting document, the Cemetery Operating Procedures, to consider the making of a replacement bylaw once the current one expires in March 2016.

Key components of the proposed bylaw include:

  • Prohibit certain potentially harmful activities within Council cemeteries (eg. preventing persons from carrying out unauthorised interments, interrupting funeral processions, or causing nuisances).
  • Require permission from Council to authorise particular activities in Council cemeteries, such as promotional activities or commercial photography of funeral processions.
  • Clarify the role and appointment of sextons and cemetery administrators, who are involved in operating Council cemeteries.
  • Require permission from Council to be sought to authorise monumental masonry work at Council cemeteries.

We invite you to read the proposed new bylaw and supporting documents which outlines the proposal and the reasoning.

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