Proposed Class 4 and TAB Gambling Venue Policy

Statement of Proposal [PDF 123KB]

QLDC is reviewing its policies on Class 4 and TAB Gambling Venues.

Section 101 of the Gambling Act 2003 requires Territorial Authorities to adopt a Class 4 and TAB Gambling venue policy.

The policy

  1. Must specify whether or not Class 4 venues may be established in the district and, if so, where they may be located; and
  2. May specify and restrictions on the maximum number of gaming machines that may be operated at a class 4 venue; and
  3. May include a relocation policy.

The Council has undertaken a statutory review of the current policy, and has determined that the current policy should be revoked, and replaced with the proposed Queenstown Lakes District Council Class 4 and TAB gambling venue policy.

The proposed policy is intended to provide an element of protection to our expanding residential areas.  

Proposed QLDC Class 4 TAB and gambling venue policy 2017 (31.9KB)

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