Monday, 14 December 2020

Have your say on QLDC’s new draft Shotover River Bylaw

Bylaw proposes to preserve intent of previous version with added improvements.

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is proposing a new draft Shotover River Bylaw and we want to hear from you.

The current Shotover River Bylaw 2015 regulates a portion of the Shotover River, known as a Concession Area, by reserving it for use by people and craft that have a permit granted by Council (or its delegate) for the purposes of maritime safety.

QLDC Regulatory Manager Anthony Hall said the new bylaw would preserve the intent of the 2015 version while adding several improvements.

“The Shotover River Bylaw has worked well in the past, and we’re keen to retain its substance while providing a few necessary updates,” he said.

QLDC is proposing to retain the same restrictions on public access to the Concession Area in the proposed Shotover River Bylaw 2021, with the following minor amendments:

  1. The word “craft” has been replaced with the word “vessel” for consistency with the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018;
  2. The addition of the word “only” in the purpose to ensure clarity that the bylaw is only in respect of the Concession Area;
  3. In the 'Permit to access the Concession Area' section, the addition of “Any future permits applied for by parties or individuals with a history of non-compliance with the Bylaw may be rejected;” and
  4. Correcting minor errors

To make a submission on the draft Shotover River Bylaw 2021, please visit:

Submissions opened on Friday 11 December at 9.00am and will close at 5.00pm on Monday 25 January 2021.


Media contact: or call 03 441 1802.

For more information, please see the below documents regarding the draft Shotover River Bylaw 2021: