4 October 2018

A meeting of the QLDC Audit, Finance & Risk Committee to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 10.00am


Agenda contents (528KB)


Draft minutes of previous meeting 13 June 2018 (560KB)


Item 1:

2017-18 Full Year Actual to Budget and Full Year Actual to Re-forecast Financial Overview (2.03MB)


Item 2:

Sensitive Expenditure (1.46MB)


Item 3:

Risk Management Update (2.63MB)


Item 4:

QLDC Organisational Health Safety and Wellbeing Performance (1.08MB)


Item 5:

Infrastructure Earthquake Loss Modelling and Insurance Report (587KB)


Item 6:

Treasury Update - September 2018 (479KB)


Item 7:

Audit of Annual Report for 2017-18 (479KB)


Item 8:

Legal Update (479KB)