6 June 2019

A meeting of the Audit, Finance & Risk Committee to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 10.00am. 

Agenda contents (824.78 KB)

Draft minutes of meeting held on 19 February 2019 (Public) (856.43 KB)

Item 1

Full Year Quarter 3 Re-forecast and Quarterly Financial Overview - March 2019 (1.03 MB)

Attachment A: Finance Management Report - 2018:19 Quarter 3 Actuals to Quarter 3 Budget (1.18 MB)

Attachment B: Finance Management Report - 2018:19 Full Year Quarter 3 Re-forecast to Full Year Budget Overview (1.13 MB)

Attachment C: Finance Management Report - 2018:19 Quarter 3 Capital Expenditure Reporting Overview (1.26 MB)

Attachment D: Quarter 3 Statement of Financial Position (960.39 KB)

Attachment E: Quarter 3 Debtors Analysis (848.22 KB)

Item 2

Sensitive Expenditure (946.66 KB)

Attachment A: Purchase Card Audit Summary (839.23 KB)

Attachment B: Contracts Register (821.73 KB)

Item 3

Risk Management Update (937.11 KB)

Item 4

QLDC Organisational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Performance (1.33 MB)

Attachment A: Definitions for Statistics Reporting (774.13 KB)

Attachment B: Injury Requiring Offsite Treatment (1.32 MB)

Item 5

Civic Building Diesel Leak - Gorge Road Queenstown (941.92 KB)

Attachment A: Photos of building and leak response (1.10 MB)

Item 6

Review of the Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Report into the Tauranga District Council's Building Consent Authorities Failures which contributed to the Bella Vista Development Failure (932.78 KB)

Attachment A: Review of Tauranga District Council - Performance of statutory functions under the Building Act 2004 with respect to the Bella Vista development (4.61 MB)

Public Excluded Items

Draft minutes of meeting held on 19 February 2019 (Public Excluded) (718.04 KB)

Item 7

Deloitte Planning Report for 2018/19 Audit (718.04 KB)

Item 8

Update and Programme Performance, by EY, of the readiness of the Three Waters Programme to deliver the Ten Year Plan (718.04 KB)

Item 9

Legal Update (718.04 KB)

Item 10

Treasury Update: May 2019 (718.04 KB)