30 June 2016

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown commencing at 1pm.

Agenda Summary

Item 1

Glenorchy Community Sewerage Scheme Report and Procurement Review

Attachment 1a - Glenorchy Sewerage Scheme Update

Item 2

2A Queenstown Traffic and Parking

2B Queenstown Town Centre Transport Strategy Implementation Plan

Item 3

Future of the Coronet Forest – Community Feedback

Attachment 3a - Community Feedback on Future of Coronet Forest

Item 4

2016/17 Annual Plan Adoption

Attachment 4a - 2016/17 Annual Plan

Item 5

Statement of Intent, Queenstown Airport Corporation 2016/17

Attachment 5a - QAC SOI tracked changes

Attachment 5b - QAC SOI without tracked changes

Item 6

Principles Related to the Use of Funds from the Sale of the Scurr Heights Land

Item 7

Supply Boundary Adjustment – Arrowtown Retirement Village

Item 8

Making Plan Change 50 – Queenstown Town Centre Zone Extension, Operative

Attachment 8a - Plan Change 50 Attachments Merged

Item 9

Proposed new lease to Canterbury Westland Kindergarten Incorporated for the Frankton Kindergarten

Item 10

New Ground Lease – Kingston Community Association

Item 11

Local Alcohol Policy – Update

Item 12

Fees and Charges, Planning & Development

Item 13

Update on Resource Consent Appeals

Attachment 13a - Update on Resource Consent Appeals attachments

Item 14

Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 – Variation 1 to the Proposed District Plan

Attachment 14a - Arrowtown Design Guidelines

Attachment 14b -  Arrowtown Design Guidelines Section 32 report

Item 15

Making Plan Change 49 – Earthworks, operative

Item 16

Appointment of Commissioners and amending the Terms of Reference for the Resource Consent Commissioner Appointment Subcommittee

Item 17

Appointment of Hearing Commissioners for Private Plan Change 51 – Peninsula Bay North

Item 18

QLDC Submission on the Proposed National Policy Statement (NPS) on Urban Development Capacity

Attachment 18a - Consultation Document on Proposed NPS on Urban Development Capacity

Attachment 18b - NPS Summary

Attachment 18c - NPS Suggested Submission Points

Item 19

QLDC Organisational Health Safety and Wellbeing Performance

Item 20

Mayor’s Report

20a - Downtown QT Letter

20b - Summary of Discussion Following Elders Council Launch

20c - Draft Property Subcommittee Minutes 26 May 2016

20d - Draft WCB Minutes 8 June 2016

20e - Draft Property Subcommittee Minutes 9 June 2016

20f - Council Actions Summary

Item 21

Chief Executive’s Monthly Report

Confirmation of Minutes

26 May 2016 (ordinary meeting)

Public Excluded Items

Noting of Public Excluded Minutes

Resource Consent Commissioner Appointment Subcommittee meeting, 26 May 2016 and 9 June 2016

Confirmation of Public Excluded Minutes

26 May 2016 (ordinary meeting)

Item 22 

Events Funding Applications 2016-17