17 August 2017

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1pm.  

Agenda Items

0. Agenda summary

0a. Confirmation of minutes of 23 June 2017

1. Feedback on adding Ladies Mile to the Lead Policy for Special Housing Areas

2. Mayoral Housing Affordabiltiy Taskforce Update

3. Making Plan Change 44 operative

4. Adoption of Coronet Forest Management Plan 2017 covering report

5. Lakeview commerical land development objectives and ownership

6. Cemetery Road proposed road stopping and land exchange

7. Proposed Fees and Charges Environmental Health covering report

8. Brothel Control Bylaw Review covering report

9. Class 4 TAB Gambling Venue Policy 2017

10. Dog Control Policy and Practices Report 2016 2017

11. Lease variation for Pisa Alpine Charitable Trust coverin report

12. Qtn squash club new lease 280717 v2

13. Easement to Aurora Energy Limited 704 Malaghans Road

14. Glendhu Adventure Ltd. Licence Application

15. Right of Way Easement 47 Howards Drive

16. Setting of Rates for 2017 18

17. Budget Carry Forwards for 2017 18

18. Chief Executives report

Public Excluded

    19. PX Funding of Legal Settlements

    20. PX Chief Executive Salary Review and Tenure