23 June 2017

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 8am.


The agenda items are as follows: 

Agenda summary

0. Confirmation of mins of Council 25 May 2017

1. Proposed Amendments to Council’s Lead Policy for Special Housing Areas to include the Ladies Mile

1a. Attachment A Revised Lead Policy – tracked changes

1a. Attachment A Revised Lead Policy – clean

Ib. Attachment B Indicative Master Plan


2. 2017/18 Annual Plan Adoption

2a. Attachment A 2017/18 Annual Plan

2b. Attachment B Consenting Fee Proposal


3. Statement of Intent, Queenstown Airport Corporation 2017/18

3a. Attachment A Statement of Intent  - tracked changes

3a. Attachment A Statement of Intent – clean


4. Updated Queenstown Lakes District Housing Accord

4a. Attachment A Housing Accord Monitoring Reports

4b. Attachment B Draft updated Queenstown Lakes District Housing Accord


5. Amendments to Resource Management Act 1991 Register of Delegations

5a. Attachment A Updated Delegations

5b. Atatchment B General rules applying to delegations


6. Road Dedication – Quartz Development Group Limited – Grandview Stage 3 Subdivision, Hawea


7. Queenstown Commercial Parapenters – New Reserve Licence


8. Easement to Aurora Energy – Lake Hawea Holiday Park


9. Chief Executive’s Report


Public Excluded

Confirmation of Minutes: 25 May 2017 (Public excluded part of ordinary meeting)


10. 14 Nairn Street, - Lease Variation, Purchase and Disposal

11. 43 Bedford Street, Lessee Request to Freehold

12. Resolution of appeals to private Plan Change 44: Hanley Downs

13. Events Funding Round 2017/18

14. New Management and Maintenance Services for High Profile Turf Contract

15. Settlement Approval

16. Governance Update – Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC)