28 September 2017

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka beginning at 1pm. 

Agenda Items

Agenda Summary

0. Confirmation of minutes of 17 August 2017

1. Inclusion of Wanaka within HAASHAA implementation guidelines
Attachment 1a. Updated Lead Policy

2. Stage 2 Proposed District Plan Notification 
Attachment 2a. Stage 2 Proposed District Plan notification attachments

3. Amendments to Resource Management Act 1991 Register of Delegations
Attachment 3a. Proposed amendments to Register of Delegations RMA 
Attachment 3b. General rules applying for all delegations

4. Amendments to the fees and charges schedule used for resource consents, building consents, resource management engineering and other matters
Attachment 4a. Attachment A Updated fees and charges Statement of Proposal 

5. Proposed District Plan Decision – Chapter 43 Millbrook Resort 
Attachment 5a. Proposed District Plan Decision - Ch 43 Millbrook Resort Zone attachments

6. Temporary Alcohol Ban on 2-3 December 2017

7. Navigation Safety Bylaw review 
Attachment 7a. Navigation Safety Bylaw review

8. Frankton Library – Expressions of Interest

9. 2017/18 Contestable Economic Development Fund proposed principles and process

10. Queenstown Integrated Transport Strategy 
Attachment 10a. Queenstown Integrated Transport Strategy

11. Queenstown Town Centre Transport Strategy - Mode Shift Improvements

12. Lessor’s and Minister’s approval – Skyline Enterprises Limited, Replacement and Upgrade of the Skyline Luge Chairlift and associated development
Attachment 12a. Attachment A Skyline Enterprises Ltd Lessors and Ministers consent

13. Easement to Skyline Enterprises Limited – Bobs Peak

14. New licence to Free Walking Tours Ltd to undertake guided tours in the Queenstown Town Centre

15. Classification and reclassification of land at Luggate Red Bridge

16. Suburban Estates Ltd, Proposal to Vest Land as Reserve

17. Easement – Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Road
17a. Hanley’s Farm proposal to vest various lands as reserve and to offset reserve land and reserve improvements contributions

Chief Executive’s Report

Public Excluded

19. Appointment of Resource Management Act Hearings Commissioners

20. Commonage Land Sale

21. Proposed new lease to Peak Bungy Limited for the bungy operation on Ben Lomond Reserve

22. Appointment of QAC Directors