13 December 2018

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1pm.  

Agenda summary (104.71KB)


Confirmation of public section of minutes

Ordinary meeting held on 25 October 2018 (478.78KB)

Extraordinary meeting held on 20 November 2018 (161.96KB)


Item 1: Stakeholder Deed for the proposed Universal Developments (Hawea) Special Housing Area

Covering report (1.22 MB0

Attachment A: Previous report from 6 September 2018 (465.41KB)

Attachment B: Amended Draft Deed (Public Excluded) 

Attachment C: Minute extract from meeting of 6 September 2018 (125.47KB)

Attachment D: Report from Universal on existing methods of integration in EOI (387.57KB)

Attachment E: Updated indicative Master Plan following meetings (1.16MB)

Attachment F: Transport assessment report on implications if Capell Avenue is never formed (269.72KB)


Item 2: Ratification of Hearings Panel's recommendation on Private Plan Change 53: Northlake Special Zone

Covering report (317.90KB)

Attachment A: Northlake Special Zone Structure Plan – current and proposed (386.76KB)

Attachment B: Report and recommendations of hearings panel – PC53 dated 6 September 2018 (818.93KB)


Item 3: Transport and Parking

Covering report (includes all attachments (1.47MB)


Item 4: Adoption of Traffic and Parking Bylaw

Covering report (276.31KB)

Attachment A: Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2018 Deliberations Report dated 20 November 2018 (184.69KB)

Includes as attachments:

(a) Officer report to hearings panel (289.39KB)

(b) Statement of Proposal (453.83KB)

Attachment B: Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2018 (581.99KB)

Attachment C: Traffic and Parking Subcommittee Terms of Reference (148.81KB)


Item 5: 2018 Capital Works Programme - First Re-forecast

Covering report and attachment (479.67KB)


Item 6: Community Services Fees and Charges

Covering report (350.25KB)

Attachment A: Community Facility Pricing Policy (includes seasonal charges for sports clubs) (898.39KB)

Attachment B: Hearing Panel minutes (142.90KB)

Attachment C: 2018 Aquatic Pricing Review (362.22KB)

Attachment D: Cemetery Pricing Review Fees and Charges (212.11KB)

Attachment E: Submissions (530.19KB)


Item 7: Amendments to Queenstown Lakes District Council Sunshine Bay, Queenstown Bay, Frankton, Kelvin Heights Foreshore Management Plan 1991

Covering report (262.85KB)

Attachment A: Amended Queenstown Lakes District Council Sunshine Bay, Queenstown Bay, Frankton, Kelvin Heights Foreshore Management Plan 441.38KB)

Attachment B: Summary of public feedback (285.38KB)

Attachment C: Conceptual Development Plans (8.87MB)


Item 8: Underground Service Easement for Aurora Energy Ltd, over Pembroke Park, Roys Bay Recreation Reserve, Wanaka Recreation Reserve, Wanaka

Report (includes attachment) (462.19KB)


Item 9: Wanaka Tennis Club Incorporated - New Lease

Report (includes attachment)(556.71KB)


Item 10: Adopt Amendment to Policy on Development Contributions

Report (includes attachment)(328.04KB)


Item 11: Chief Executive's Report

Report (164.64KB)


Public Excluded Section

Item 1b: Stateholder Deed for the proposed Universal Developments (Hawea) Special Housing Area - Updated Draft Deed of Agreement (100.23KB)

Item 11a: Chief Executive's Report: North East Frankton Storm Water project, Stage 1 (97.61KB)

Item 12: Lakeview Sale and Development Plan (95.53KB)