14 June 2018

An ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1pm.  

Agenda summary (24.05KB)

Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 3 May 2018 (558.95KB)

Item 1: Queenstown Town Centre Spatial Framework (577.25KB)

Attachment A: Queenstown Town Centre Spatial Framework:

(Please note that because of the total size of the document, it has been split into sections of a size appropriate for the website.)  

Part 1 (13.49MB) (Beginning - p24) 

Part 2 (9.71MB) (pp 25 - 51)

Part 3 (29.55MB) (pp 52 - 78)

Part 4 (25.49MB) (pp 79 - 89)

Part 5 (19.67MB) (pp 90 - end)

Attachment B: Queenstown Town Centre Public Realm Design Guidelines (29.78MB)

Item 2: Transport – Frankton Parking (2.88MB)

Item 3: 2017/18 Capital Works Programme – Third Re-forecast (745.72KB)

Item 4: Representation Review 2018 (2.05MB)

Item 5: Making Plan Change 35 – Queenstown Airport Aircraft Air Noise Boundaries, operative (577.71KB)

Attachment A: Environment Court Final Decision (1.90MB)

Item 6: Skyline Enterprises Ltd: Lessor’s and Minister’s Approval (2.99MB)

Item 7: Right of Way Easement – 17 Plantation Road, Wanaka

Item 8: BCWanaka Limited - New Licence (4.83MB)

Item 9: New Licence for RWH Travel (680.01KB)

Item 10: Chief Executive’s Report (584.70KB)

Attachment A: Submission on Otago Regional Council Long Term Plan 2018-28 (686.62KB)

Attachment B: Submission on Otago Regional Council Air Quality Strategy (684.50KB)

Attachment C: Submission on Otago Regional Council Draft Biodiversity Strategy (660.71KB)


Public Excluded Items

Item 11: Commonage Land Sale (7.94KB)

Item 12: Appointment of Resource Management Act Hearings Commissioners (7.64KB)

Item 13: Request for Council Guarantee in Favour of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (8.05KB)