23 March 2018

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Armstrong Room, Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka commencing at 1.00pm.


Agenda items:


Agenda summary (30KB)


Confirmation of minutes of meeting (745KB) including:

8 February 2018

9 March 2018


1.  Queenstown Airport Corporation: Six Month Report (652KB)

Attachment A:  QAC Interim Report for the six months ending 31 December 2017 (2.84MB)


2.  Draft Statement of Intent, Queenstown Airport Corporation 2018-19 (607KB)

Attachment A:  QAC Statement of Intent (Draft) (2MB)

Attachment B:  Proposed QAC Dividend Policy (1.29MB)


3.  Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018 (702KB)

Attachment A:  Proposed Navigation Safety Bylaw 2018 (with proposed amendments in track changes) (6.04MB)

Attachment B:  Proposed Maritime Fees and Charges (1.12MB)

Attachment C:  Navigation Safety Bylaw Hearings Panel - Deliberations Report (1.16MB)


4.  Special Housing Area Expression of Interest: Bright Sky Land Limited, Wanaka (1.12MB)

Attachment A:  Bright Skiy Expression of Interest including updated plans (5.36MB)


5.  Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce Progress Report (903KB)


6.  Proposal to amend the fees and charges schedule used for resource consents, building consents, resource management engineering and other matters (725KB)

Attachment A:  Statement of Proposal (2.49MB) including:

A. Proposed amendments to Fee Schedules (clean copy)

B. Proposed amendments to Fee Schedules (track changes copy

C. Comparison of hourly rates to other local authorities


7.  Adoption of draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (2018) Statement of Proposal (671KB)

Attachment A:  Statement of Proposal Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (1.24MB)

Attachment B:  Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2018 (2.75MB)


8.  Disinfection of network drinking water supplies to protect public health (1.38MB)


9.  2017/18 Capital Works Programme - Second Re-forecast (669KB)

Attachment A:  Summary of proposed project changes (1.15MB)


10.  New Licence for Paddle Wanaka

Attachments A - C (2.97MB) including:

A. Location Maps

B. Application letter

C. Toilet Policy


11.  Approval of Sub-lease to CCR Ltd for Arrowtown Menzshed (669KB)

Attachments A - C (2.72MB) including:

A. Menzshed overview

B. Overview plan

C. Elevations and plans of proposed shed


12.  Easement - Ramshaw Lane Car Park Lights (665KB)

Attachments A - C (2.09MB) including:

A. Location Plan

B. Ramshaw Lane Car Park Upgrade - Layout Plan

C. Ramshaw Lane Car Park Upgrade - Lighting Plan


13.  Alec Robins Road Legalisation & Sale

Attachments A & B (1.96MB) including:

A. Survey plan with affected areas

B. Overview plan


14.  Chief Executive's Monthly Report (653KB)

Attachment A: Schedule of Resource Management Act 1991 delegation changes (1.12MB)

Attachments B & C:  Alpine Estate Lot 101 Reseve & Site Location (1.89MB)


Recommendation to Exclude the Public (626KB) for the following items:

Confirmation of Public Excluded Minutes - 8 February 2018

15.  Appointment of Resource Management Act Hearings Commissioners

16.  Appointment of Commissioners to the Hearings Panels for Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan

17.  Housing Infrastructure Fund - Detailed Business Case