25 October 2018

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1.00pm

Agenda summary (126.14 KB)


Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 6 September 2018 (890.07 KB)


Agenda items

Item 1: Adoption of 2017/18 Annual Report

Covering report (791.29 KB)

Attachment A: Annual Report 2017/18 (7.14 MB)

Attachment B: Annual Report summary 2017/18 (2.50 MB)


Item 2: Proposed Amendment to Policy on Development Contribution (940.02 KB)


Item 3: Amendments to Queenstown Lakes District Council Freedom Camping Control Bylaw 2012 and Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Reserve Management Plan

Covering report (841.53 KB)

Attachment A Amended Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Reserves Management Plan 2013 (674.31 KB)

Attachment B Queenstown Lakes District Council Freedom Camping Control Bylaw 2012 including Amended 'Schedule A Maps' (3.68 MB)

Attachment C Minutes of the Reserve Management Plan and Freedom Camping Control Hearing (742.24 KB)

Attachment D Summary of submissions with recommended changes (883.31 KB)


Item 4: Responsible Camping Strategy 2018

Covering report and Attachment B (996.42 KB)

Attachment A: Responsible Camping Strategy  (1.93 MB)

NOTE: This is a compressed version of the original document.  If you have trouble viewing it and wish to view the original please contact the Governance Department at the Council.  


Item 5: Lessor’s and Minister’s Approval to enable Skyline Enterprises Limited, to establish a (replacement) luge workshop building within their Lease Area on the Ben Lomond Recreation Reserve

Covering report and attachment (3.90 MB)


Item 6: Millbrook Cricket Club – New Reserve Licence

Covering report and attachment (1.78 MB)


Item 7: Proposed Reserve Licence - Otago Regional Council Water Monitoring Stations at Hayes Creek and Mill Stream

Covering report and attachment (1.65 MB)


Item 8: Parkrun New Zealand Ltd – New Wanaka Licence

Covering report and attachment (1.36 MB)


Item 9:Underground Service Easement – Bannister Street, Hanley’s Farm

Covering report and attachment (4.12 MB)


Item 10: Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce Progress Report (1.10 MB)


Item 11: Ratification of Hearings Panel’s recommendation on Private Plan Change 53: Northlake Special Zone

Covering report (1.02 MB)

Attachment A: Northlake Special Zone Structure Plan – current and proposed (932.03 KB)

Attachment B Report and recommendations of hearings panel – PC53 dated 6 September 2018 (1.48 MB)


Item 12: Queenstown Lakes District Council Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018

Covering Report (860.27 KB)

Attachment A Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018 (clean) (3.25 MB)

Attachment B Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018 (track changes) (3.25 MB)

Attachment C: Hyperlink in covering report

Attachment D Minutes of hearing of submissions to the proposed Alcohol Ban Bylaw 2018 (682.02)


Item 13. Dog Control Policy and Practices Report 2017 - 2018 (1.06 MB)


14. Chief Executive’s Report

Covering report (885.63 KB)

Attachment A Alteration to Rates Resolution from 6 September 2018 (692.02 KB)

Attachment B Frankton Flats Land Exchange (2.33 MB)

Attachment C Road Stopping – Unformed Roads in the vicinity of Morven Ferry Road – Amendment (1.30 MB)


Public Excluded Items 

Item 14a: Chief Executive’s Report (Public Excluded section) (97.08 KB)

Item 15: New Solid Waste Services Contract (97.39 KB)

Item 16: MOU with Ngāi Tahu Property (126.96 KB)

Item 17: Lakeview Hot Pools (Ngāi Tahu Tourism) Reserves Lease (133.64 KB)

Item 18: Resolution in relation to Housing Infrastructure Fund (“HIF”) funding and related arrangements in connection with the projects at Kingston, Ladies Mile and Quail Rise (102.78 KB)