10 October 2019

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1pm.

Agenda summary (949.71 KB)


Confirmation of minutes:

Draft minutes of ordinary meeting held on 12 September 2019 (1.12 MB)


Item 1: Annual Report 2018/19

Covering report (1.09 MB)

Attachment A: Summary Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2019 (7.01 MB)

Attachment B: Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2019 (12.82 MB)


Item 2: QLDC Submission on National Policy Statement - Urban Development

Covering report (1.13 MB)

Attachment A: Submission (1.24 MB)


Item 3:Stage 3B Proposed District Plan Rural Visitor Zone Notification

Covering report (1.26 MB)

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Item 4: Corporate Submission on Proposed Queenstown Lakes District Plan Stage 3

Covering report (1.15 MB)

Attachment A: Proposed submission (904.91 KB)


Item 5: QLDC Freedom Camping Bylaw

Covering report (1.25 MB)

Attachment A: Freedom Camping Control Bylaw 2012 (2.65 MB)

Attachment B: Responsible Camping Strategy 2018 (2.35 MB)

Attachment C: Legal advice from Meredith Connell on drafting improvements (975.87 KB)

Attachment D: Draft Bylaw (985.57 KB)

Attachment D(2): Maps of proposed responsible camping zones (1.80 MB)

Attachment E: Statement of Proposal (1.04 MB)


Item 6: Underground Services Easement over Recreation Reserve, for Aurora Energy Limited to provide electricity necessary to service the Arrowtown Water Supply

Covering report (1.15 MB)

Attachments A and B: Site layout; illustration of proposal (1.79 MB)


Item 7: Underground Services Easement over Local Purpose Reserve at Frankton Marina, for Rockgas Limited

Covering report (1.08 MB)

Attachment A: Scheme Plan (1.35 MB)

Item 8: Transfer of Glenorchy and Kingston Fire Stations to Fire and Emergency New Zealand and issuing of new ground leases

Covering report (1.17 MB)

Attachment A: Aerial views (1.45 MB)

Attachment B: Photographs of fire stations (900.51 KB)


Item 9: Lease of 14 Nairn Street to Living Options Charitable Trust

Covering report (1.17 MB)

Attachment A: Plan and photographs of 14 Nairn Street (1.11 MB)

Item 10: Littles Road Stopping and Sale

Covering report (1.16 MB)

Attachment A: Littles Road road stopping plan (3.11 MB)

Attachment B: Littles Road location plan (1.13 MB)

Item 11: 10 McMillan Road - Road Legalisation and Exchange

Covering report (1.15 MB)

Attachment A: Road exchange plan (1.12 MB)

Attachment B: Location plan (1.15 MB)

Attachment C: Location plan (zoomed in) (1.09 MB)


Item 12: Resetting of Rates for 2019/20

Covering report (1.14 MB)


Item 13: Dog Control Policy and Practices Report 2018 - 2019

Covering report (1.12 MB)

Attachment A: Dog Control Policy and Practices Report pursuant to S.10A of the Dog Control Act 1996 (1.01 MB)


Item 14: Chief Executive’s Report

Report (1.11 MB)

Attachment A: Governance Protocol Statement (1.10 MB)


Public excluded items:

Item 14a: Chief Executive's Report - Contract Variation for Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction (103.49 KB)

Item 15: Ratification of Cardrona Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant Developer’s Agreement (104.68 KB)

Item 16: Revised Lease Conditions for Skyline Enterprises Ltd (102.95 KB)

Item 17: QEC Alpine Aqualand Ventilation and Ceiling Replacement (104.17 KB)