12 December 2019

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1.00pm

Agenda summary (153.69 KB)


Confirmation of minutes

Draft minutes of the public section of the meeting held on 7 November 2019 (266.44 KB)


Item 1:

Queenstown Airport Corporation Statement of Intent Process (318.73 KB)

Attachment A: SOI from June 2019 (760.74 KB)

Attachment B: SOI from August 2019 (2.35 MB)


Item 2:

Proxy for Queenstown Airport Corporation (262.73 KB)


Item 2a

Lime Scooters (333.96 KB)

Attachment A: Lime Concept of Operation (871 KB)

Attachment B: Draft Memorandum of Understanding (1.24 MB)


Item 3

QLDC Freedom Camping Bylaw 2019 (359.95 KB)

QLDC Freedom Camping Bylaw 2019: Attachments (16.47 MB)


Item 4

Luggate Red Bridge Recreation Reserve (302.18 KB)

Attachment A: Reserves Act 1977 Instrument of Delegation (1.40 MB)


Item 5

Easements sought by Skyline Enterprises Limited (526.28 KB)

Easements sought by Skyline Enterprises Limited: Attachments (2.44 MB)


Item 6

Smokefree Beaches Trial 2019-2020 (760.15 KB)


Item 7

Action for Healthy Waterways: Submission from QLDC (414.68 KB)

Attachment A: Action for Healthy Waterways - Submission (1.31 MB)


Item 8

New Council Standing Orders (313.50 KB)

Attachment A: Proposed QLDC Standing Orders 2019 (1.52 MB)

Attachment B: Proposed QLDC Standing Orders 2019 (track changes) (1.69 MB)


Item 9

Code of Conduct

Attachment A: Draft Code of Conduct (295.73 KB)

Attachment B: Terms of Reference for Code of Conduct Committee (118.65 KB)


Item 10

2019/20 Capital Works Programme First Reforecast (329.60 KB)

Attachment A: Reforecast (192.44 KB)


Item 11

Chief Executive's Report (326.47 KB)

Attachment A: Draft meeting schedule for 2020 (915.51 KB)

Attachment B: Committee Terms of Reference (1.10 MB)

Attachment C: Reimbursement of Expenses and/or Payment of Allowances to Elected Members Policy (1.04 KB)


Public Excluded items

Item 11a:

Chief Executive's Report (Public Excluded section) (127.74 KB)


Item 12:

Alternative Car Parking, Queenstown: Request for Proposals (127.74)