12 September 2019

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1.00pm.  

Agenda summary (953.56 KB)


Confirmation of minutes

Confirmation of draft minutes of public part of meeting held on 8 August 2019 (1.25 MB)

Confirmation of draft minutes of public part of extraordinary meeting held on 26 August 2019 (1.16 MB)

Item 1: Wakatipu Active Travel Network Single Stage Business Case

Covering report (1.54 MB)

Wakatipu Active Travel Network Single Stage Business Case
(Note: Because of its size this document has been split into smaller sections, identified separately below.)

Part A: Introduction (pp1-16) (3.33 MB)

Part B: The Case for Investment (pp 17-67) (6.46 MB)

Part C: Option Development and Assessment (pp 68-167) (11.41 MB)

Part D: Implementing the Preferred Network (pp 168-200) (877.56 KB)

Part E: Appendices A-G  (2.50 MB)

Part F: Appendix H - Town Centre Extent of Works (12.23 MB)

Part G: Appendix I - Wakatipu Basin Future Public Transport Demand/Capacity Analysis (2.45 MB)

Part H: Appendix J - Cost Estimate Report (5.68 MB)

Part I: Appendices M-U (4.42 MB)

Note: Appendices K and L are technical illustrations are omitted due to their size.  They are available upon request.  


Item 2: Proposed bus layover for new Queenstown to Lake Hayes Estate direct bus service

Covering report (1.23 MB)

Attachment A: Aerial showing proposed location for bus layover (1.11 MB)


Item 3: Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust and Council Relationship Framework Rental Programme Protocol

Covering report (1.25 MB)

Attachment A: Relationship Framework Agreement between QLDC and Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (3.65 MB)

Attachment B: Draft Rental Programmes Protocol (1.21 MB)


Item 4: Mayoral Housing Taskforce update (1.18 MB)


Item 5: Kingston Golf Club lease (2.22 MB)


Item 6: Underground Service Easement over Recreation Reserve Adjacent to 719 Frankton Road, Queenstown (1.80 MB)


Item 7: Submission to the Productivity Commission – Local Government Funding and Financing

Covering report  (1.17 MB)

Draft submission (1.95 MB)


Item 8: Chief Executive’s report (1.17 MB)



Item 9: Appointment of RMA Commissioner (847.25 KB)

Item 10: Chief Executive Salary Review (847.25 KB)