Stage 3 Proposed District Plan Notification

A1. Chapter 20 Settlements Zone

A2. Section 32 Evaluation - Townships

A3. Appendix 1. Hāwea Urban Growth Boundary Landscape Report, Bridget Gilbert, July 2019

A4. Appendix 2. Hāwea Community Association Letter re: Lake Hāwea Township Urban Growth Boundary, 31 May 2019

A5. Appendix 3. Plan Enabled Capacity in Hāwea and Albert Town, Market Economics, August 2019

A6. Appendix 4. ENV-2018-331-000019 Evidence in chief of James Douglas Marshall Fairgray, 23 October 2018

B1. Chapter 19A Three Parks Commercial

B2. Section 32 Evaluation – Three Parks

C1. Chapter 39 Wāhi Tūpuna

C2. Section 32 Evaluation - Wāhi Tūpuna

D1. Chapter 46 Rural Visitor Zone

D2. Section 32 Evaluation

D3. Appendix 1. Chapter 46 Rural Visitor Zone proposed provisions and variations

D4. Appendix 2A. Queenstown Lakes District Council Rural Visitor Zone Review Landscape Assessment June 2019

D5. Appendix 2B. Queenstown Lakes District Council Rural Visitor Zone Review Landscape Assessment June 2019

D6. Appendix 3. Copy of Resource Consent decision RM110010 for a Structure Plan at Arcadia

D7. Appendix 4. Relevant objectives and policies of the Partially Operative Regional Policy Statement for Otago, 2019 and 1998 volumes

D8. Appendix 5. Cardrona Village Character Guidelines 2012

E1. Chapter 18A General Industrial

E2. Section 32 Evaluation – General Industrial Zone

E3. Appendix 1: Economic Assessment of Queenstown Lakes District’s Industrial Zones, Stage 3 of the District Plan Review, 22 May 2019, Market Economics

E4. Appendix 2: Business Development Capacity Assessment 2017, Queenstown Lakes District, 15 March 2018, Market Economics

E5. Appendix 3: Landscape Memo, Glenda Drive Rural General Zoning, 21 February 2019, Helen Mellsop Landscape Architect

F1. Section 32 Evaluation – 100 Ballantyne Road

F2 Appendix 1: QLDC PDP independent Hearings Panel rezoning principles

G1. Residential Design Guidelines 2019

G2. Variations to Chapters 7,8 & 9

G3. Section 32 Evaluation – Residential Design Guidelines

G4. Appendices 3-5

Appendix 3: IHP Report 09A (Relevant Excepts)

Appendix 4: Request for Proposal (Residential Zones and Business Mixed Use Zone Design Guidelines

Appendix 5: Design Related Residential Development Controls

G5. Business Mixed Use Design Guidelines

G6. Variations to Chapter 16 Business Mixed Use

G7. Section 32 Evaluation BMUZ Design Guidelines

H1. Variation to Chapter 30 Energy and Utilities and Chapter 2 Definitions

H2. Section 32 Evaluation Report – Energy and Utilities

I1. Variation to Chapters 21 Rural, 22 Rural Residential and Rural Lifestyle, 23 Gibbston Character, 24 Wakatipu Basin, 38 Open Space and Recreation

I2. Section 32 Evaluation – Firefighting Water

J1. Variation to Chapter 26 Historic Heritage

J2. Section 32 Evaluation – Chalmers’ Cottage, 41 Warren Street, Wānaka

J3. Appendix 1 HNZ Assessment – Chalmers’ Cottage

J4. Appendix 2 Chalmers Cottage Heritage Assessment

K1. Variation to Residential Chapters 7-9 and Town Centre Chapters 12-16

K2. Section 32 Evaluation - Glare

L1. Variation to GIS Web Mapping and Maps 31A, 32 and 37 and Chapter 9 High Density Residential Rules 9.5.1 and 9.5.3

L2. Section 32 Evaluation – Frankton Road Height Control

M1. Variation to Chapter 2 Definitions – Residential Flat

M2. Section 32 Evaluation – Residential Flat Definition

N1. Variation to Residential Chapters 7-9

N2. Section 32 Evaluation – Waste and Recycling Storage Space Provisions

O1. Variation to Chapter 38 Open Space and Recreation, 36 Noise, 29 Transport to PDP GIS Web Mapping App and Planning Maps 35 and 36

O2. Section 32 Evaluation – Chapter 38 Open Space and Recreation Zone

P1. Variation to Chapter 27 Subdivision

P2. Section 32 Evaluation – Location Specific Subdivision Provisions

Q1. Section 32 Evaluation - Atley Road Mapping

Q2. Section 32 Evaluation – Wānaka MDR

R1. Variation to Millbrook Rule 43.5.2

R2. Section 32 Evaluation – Millbrook Rule 43.5.2