27 June 2019

Ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1.00pm

Agenda summary

List of agenda items (150.31 KB)


Confirmation of minutes

Draft minutes of ordinary meeting held on 30 May 2019 (1.03 MB)


Item 1:

Queenstown Lakes District Draft Climate Action Plan – approval for community feedback (1.28 MB)

Attachment A: Draft Queenstown Lakes District Climate Action Plan (3.90 MB)


Item 2:

Update on submissions on proposed legislation from the Queenstown Lakes District Council  (1.17 MB)

Attachment A: Draft Submission from the CE on the Climate Change response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill (1.02 MB)


Item 3:

Statement of Intent, Queenstown Airport Corporation 2019/20 (1.18 MB)

Attachment A: Queenstown Airport Corporation Statement of Intent 2019-20 (Final) (1.68 MB)

Attachment B: Queenstown Airport Corporation Statement of Intent 2019-20 (Track changes) (1.67 MB)

Attachment C: Letter from QLDC to QAC Board dated 11 April 2019 (1.01 MB)


Item 4:

Partnering Agreement with Ngāi Tahu Property Limited for Development of Central Queenstown Community Precinct (565.08 KB)

Attachment A: Land Exchange Plan (9.77 MB)


Item 5:

Adoption of 2019/20 Annual Plan (1.19 MB)

Attachment A: 2019/20 Annual Plan (4.43 MB)


Item 6:

Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Guidelines for Environmental Management Plans 1.22 MB)

Attachment A: Queenstown Lakes District Council's Guidelines for Environmental Management Plans 4.61 MB)

Attachment B: Environmental Plans for Low Risk Sites (Appendix A) (427.58 KB)

Attachment C: Environmental Incident Report (Appendix B) (103.66 KB)

Attachment D: Archaeological Discovery Protocol (Appendix C) (324.33 KB)


Item 7:

Easements sought by Skyline Enterprises Limited (369.66 KB)

Attachments (combined): (3.01 MB)

A: Application on behalf of Skyline Enterprises Ltd

B: Existing Easements Plan

C: Proposed Easements Plan

D: Combined Easements Plan

E: Minutes of Hearing


Item 8:

Skyline Enterprises Limited (SEL), Request for Lessor’s and Minister’s Approval for Luge Night Lighting in the SEL Lease Area (402.21 KB)

Attachments (combined): (5.44 MB)

A: Applicant's Proposal dated 23 April 2019

B: Applicant's Plans

C: Luge Lighting Images


Item 9:

2018/19 Capital Works Programme - Third Reforecast (341.99 KB)

Attachment A: Summary of Proposed Project Changes (122.56 KB)


Item 10:

Delegated Authority for Appeals to Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan (356.01 KB)


Item 11:

Chief Executive’s Report (284.59 KB)


Public Excluded Items

Item 12:

Events Funding Round 2019/20 (77.22 KB)


Item 13:

Appointment of Commissioners to the Hearings Panel for Stage 3 of the Proposed District Plan (77.22 KB)