7 March 2019

An ordinary meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to be held in the Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown beginning at 1pm.  

Agenda summary (162.33 KB)


Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 31 January 2019 (816.22 KB)


Item 1:

Visitor Levy Referendum (178.93 KB)


Item 2:

Draft Statement of Intent for Queenstown Airport Corporation 2019/20 (770.12 KB)

Attachment A: Queenstown Airport Corporation Statement of Intent (Draft) (1.57 MB)

Attachment B: QLDC letter to QAC dated 11 February 2019 (768.82 KB)


Item 3:

Queenstown Airport Corporation: Six Month Report (789.51 KB)

Attachment A: QAC Interim Report for the 6 months ending 31 December 2018 (996.38 KB)


Item 4:

Expression of Interest for a Special Housing Area: Laurel Hills Ltd (adjacent to Shotover Country) (2.04 MB)

Attachment A: Laurel Hills Expression of Interest (including Appendix 2) (393 MB)

Attachment B: Addendum to Integrated Transport Assessment (specifically considering vehicle occupancy for 1100 houses) (1.13 MB)

Attachment C: NZTA Feedback (683.40 KB)


Item 5:

Proposed District Plan Decisions on Stage 2 Chapters (1.54 MB)

Attachment A: Reports and recommendations of Independent Commissioners (including recommendations on submissions, Streams 14-15)

Attachment B: Proposed District Plan Stage 2 Chapters (Recommendations Version)

Attachment C: Proposed District Plan Stage 2 Planning Maps (Recommendations Version)


Item 6:

Relationship framework agreement and Secure Programme Protocol between the Queenstown Lakes District Council and the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (907.78 KB)

Attachment A: Proposed Relationship Framework Agreement, including the Secure Home Protocol (197.28 KB)

Attachment B: Previous Memoranda of Understanding 2008 and 2011 (1.58 MB)


Item 7:

2019-2020 Annual Plan Consultation Document (849.10 KB)

Attachment A: 2019-2020 Annual Plan supporting document (4.42 MB)

Attachment B: Draft Consultation Document (2.07 MB)


Item 8:

Vision Beyond 2050 covering report (832.19 KB)

Vision Beyond 2050 working document (389 MB)


Item 9: 

Risk Management Policy covering report (821.96 KB)

Risk Management Policy revision dated 7 March 2019 (1.18 MB)


Item 10:

Submission to the Productivity Commission – Local Government Funding and Financing (1.10 MB)


Item 11:

Speed Management and Speed Limits Bylaw 2009 Review (925.76 KB)

Attachment A: Findings Report of the Speed Management and Speed Limits Bylaw 2009 Review (6.43 MB)

Attachment B: Statement of Proposal (617.00 KB)

Attachment C: Proposed Speed Limits Bylaw 2019 (982.74 KB)

Attachment D: Network Maps (2.33 MB)

Attachment E: Speed Limits Bylaw 2009 and Amendments (4.36 MB)


Item 12:

Underground Service Easement – Queenstown Country Club Limited (4.19 MB)


Item 13:

Chief Executive’s Report (772.93 KB)


Public Excluded Items

Item 14:

Review of Property at 6 Centennial Avenue, Arrowtown (665.23 KB)


Item 15:

Property Acquisition (665.23 KB)