District Licensing Committee

The DLC (District Licensing Committee - previously the District Licensing Agency) is a committee of Queenstown Lakes District Council, which consist of a Chairperson and two members selected from an appointed list.

These are currently:

Edward William Unwin – Chairperson

Lyal Cocks – Member

John Mann – Member

The DLC determine opposed and unopposed applications for new and renewal on, off, club and special licences, in addition to managers' certificates and temporary authority applications.

The DLC can (with permission from ARLA) refer an application to ARLA for determination.


Notice of Hearing 7 June [474 KB]

Notice of Hearing 28 February [232 KB]



Notice of Hearing 31 October [283KB]

Notice of Hearing 12 / 13 September

Notice of Hearing 6 April  

Notice of Hearing 6 and 7 June [181KB]

Notice of Hearing 7 June [61.2KB]

Notice of Hearing 21 June [178KB]