27 September 2018

Ordinary meeting of the Wanaka Community Board to be held in the Lake Hawea Community Centre, Myra Street, Hawea beginning at 10.00am.

Agenda summary (101 KB)

Confirmation of minutes of Wanaka Community Board meeting held on 16 August 2018 (707.33 KB)


Item 1: Wanaka Tennis Club Inc - Notification of new lease

Covering report (712.04 KB)

Attachment A: Plan of lease area (955.78 KB)


Item 2: Proposal to vest land in Wanaka as two Local Purpose Reserves and to offset Reserves Improvement Contributions as per the Development Contributions Policy

Covering report (713.82 KB)

Attachments: Subdivision Plan (A); Indicative Landscape Plan (B); Bright Sky Connection (C) (215 MB)


Item 3: Licence to Occupy Road Reserve - 22 Lismore Street, Wanaka

Covering report (738.09 KB)

Attachment A: Locality Plan (842.15 KB)

Attachment B: Site Survey Plan (2.13 MB)

Attachment C: Architectural Plans/Elevations (1.41 MB)


Item 4: Chair's report

Covering report (808.64 KB)

Attachment A: Wanaka Skate Park Stage 3 Design Concept (3.28 MB)

Attachment B: Minor Improvements Projects 736.85 KB)

Attachment C: Parks and Reserves Capital Programme and Renewals (791.13 KB)