10-Year Plan (LTP)


What's a 10-Year Plan?

Every three years the Council must adopt a 10-Year Plan and in the years between Council adopts Annual Plans.

This is a blueprint for how the district will be run over the next 10 years.

The Summary is a snap-shot of the 10-Year Plan with a focus on key consultation projects.  It's distributed to every ratepayer.

Volume 1 is a summary of the information contained in the other three volumes.

Volume 2 presents all the detailed information for each of Council's activities.

Volume 3 includes all the required financial data over a 10 year timeframe.

Volume 4 deals with the growth assumptions that underpin the analysis within the plan.

Council reduced the number of volumes for the 2012-22 plan to three.

10-Year Plans


Adopted 28 June 2018


Adopted 30 June 2015