Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce

The Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce was set up in April 2017 by Mayor Jim Boult to investigate new ways of addressing housing affordability in the district. The Taskforce is chaired by Councillor John MacDonald with membership drawn from a wide range of parties with an interest or involvement in the supply of housing within Queenstown Lakes area. The Taskforce acknowledges that the housing affordability crisis is a New-Zealand-wide problem, but note that the District has additional growth and visitor accommodation pressures

Since it was established the Taskforce has met nine times in total to discuss the current situation in Queenstown Lakes and to consider what can be done to address the problem. They acknowledge that there is no single solution and the market is failing to deliver. They recognise a multi-pronged solution is required and that recommendations need to have strong buy-in from business, developers and the wider community. It was decided that a goal needed to be included which would help drive initiatives. That goal needed to be bold and should be that:  

All of our workforce will be able to own or occupy a home in our District at a cost that allows them to live within their means by 2048, with an initial target of 1000 Community Affordable homes with secure tenure by 2028.

Since the Taskforce was established they have analysed the current housing situation in the District and made recommendations to bring the District closer to achieving the goal. Council will now consider how it can implement these recommendations.



Council report August 2017  

Council report October 2017

Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce Report – October 2017

Mayoral Housing Affordability Taskforce Progress Report - October 2018

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Meetings & Workshops 

Meeting outcome notes

Taskforce Workshop Presentation slides – 10 April 2017

Taskforce Workshop Info Pack – 10th April 2017

Land Trusts & Affordability Taskforce Workshop presentation slides – 12th June 2017


Resource Materials consulted

HOPE Strategy Update 2009

QLDC Catalyst Trust Affordable Housing Road Map - February 2016

Value Capture Mechanisms Report – June 2007

Center for Housing Policy (USA) - Inclusionary Housing Research & Policy Brief - Separating Fact from Fiction  to Design Effective Inclusionary Housing Programs - May 2016

Inclusionary Zoning Report  - The evidence from Queenstown – Sense Partner, 3rd April 2017


QLDC Housing Affordability Strategy & documents

Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust (QLCHT)