Transport and Parking Strategies

Find out about the strategies that are guiding future transport and parking projects in the District.

QLDC is working closely with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), Otago Regional Council (ORC) and other stakeholders to improve transport through a programme of inter-related masterplans and business cases. Here is a snapshot of some of the current and future work underway in the Wakatipu Ward:

transport projects

Queenstown and Frankton Parking Strategies (2018)

The Queenstown and Frankton Parking Strategies will develop the range of parking solutions outlined in previous Masterplanning and parking solutions work, and set a transition path to implementing these solutions. Scheduled to be complete in December 2018, this work will inform future transport projects throughout Queenstown and Frankton, including parking buildings and parking restrictions.

Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan (2017)

The Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan Programme Business Case was developed to identify and address the challenges facing the town centre through the development of a masterplan that will coordinate a set of integrated projects to achieve the vision:

“Supporting a thriving heart to Queenstown, now and into the future.”

As part of the Masterplanning process, the Queenstown Town Centre Spatial Framework was developed to present a compelling vision for the future of the town centre, reflecting and enhancing the Queenstown identity through sound planning, design and place making principles. This includes a set of design standards for streets and street furniture.

Queenstown Integrated Transport Strategy (2017

The Queenstown Integrated Transport Strategy Programme Business Case aimed to progress and coordinate the work of the Queenstown Town Centre Programme Business Case and the Wakatipu Public Transport Programme Business Case, along with several previous projects, to formulate an overarching programme for transport in Queenstown.

Frankton Masterplan (2018)

The Frankton Masterplan will focus on the multitude of functions that Frankton needs to fulfil. It will take a holistic view of Frankton and consider options to ensure it remains liveable now and into the future. This will include a preferred programme of transport improvements to ensure good access both to and through Frankton.

Wanaka Network Operating Framework (2018)

The Wanaka Network Operating Framework is an assessment of the transport network, recognising the diverse needs of all road users and the integration with land use. This will be used to understand the requirements of the network and focus investment in future schemes, including the Wanaka Masterplan.

Wanaka Masterplan (2018)

The Wanaka Masterplan will focus on how the town centre functions in the next 30 years, including a preferred programme of transport improvements to ensure good access to and around the CBD and wider urban area.

Wanaka Transportation Strategy (2008-2015)

The Wanaka Transportation Strategy was developed alongside the Wanaka Structure Plan to make sure growth in Wanaka was managed in a holistic way.

Lake Wanaka Lakefront Development Plan (2016)

The Lakefront Development Plan lays out a staged development of the central area of lakefront, from the Yacht Club to McDougall Street. From a transport perspective, this plan will relocate informal parking from the lakefront to dedicated car parking, and promote walking and cycling.

Queenstown Lakes District On Foot, By Cycle Strategy (2008)

This strategy sets out the implementation and funding programme for cycling and walking improvements in the district.

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