Apply for Tourist Signage on QLDC Local Roads

For traffic sign purposes, tourist establishments are commercially operated enterprises catering mainly for tourists. They must be of genuine interest to tourists, and have some interpretive value such as guided tours or working demonstrations.

Examples of tourist establishments include museums, wildlife parks, fauna parks, historic homes, wineries, galleries, major tourist attractions such as national parks and ski resorts.

In order to justify permanent brown tourist signs, the establishment is expected to have information relating to its purpose, features, operating hours, etc. readily available through the internet, information centres, brochures or other media.

Further information about tourist signs and the full criteria can be found in QLDC's On-Road Directional Signage Policy. Please take a moment to read through this policy before submitting an application.

When submitting an application please include the following:

  • government and council licences
  • photographs and/or maps of existing and proposed signs; and
  • any promotional material.

General conditions

  • An approval is valid for five years.
  • Signs will be installed at QLDC approved location(s) and will comply with the QLDC On-Road Directional Signage Policy.
  • The applicant will pay all costs of manufacture, installation and replacement of the signs.
  • If there are any existing signs in the location then the applicant may be required to fund the cost of aggregating the existing signs.
  • The applicant shall not alter the approved sign(s).
  • The signs may be removed by QLDC if the establishment ceases to operate, or no longer operates as an eligible tourist establishment.
  • If the section of road where the sign is located is bypassed or upgraded to either motorway or expressway then QLDC reserves the right to remove the sign(s) at this time.
Applicant details
Establishment Details
To qualify for tourist signage, the establishment should meet these criteria:
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Please upload the following evidence with your application (we accept .pdf .docx .jpg .png - max. file size 12Mb)